Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lots to talk about today...let's get to it!

The kids' playset is being built, and it should be done this afternoon! They had seriously outgrown the old one...it was a metal one from Toys R Us. It served its purpose well but the slide was broken, they couldn't swing too high without it "bumping," etc. So a local fence company was running a special (with FREE installation, woo hoo!) and we ordered one. Most of it was done yesterday...

And Don (the installer) is coming back today to finish it up. It still needs the swings, glider, canopy, rope ladder, "rocks" to climb, and some other assorted goodies. Here's another view with the old swingset in the background...

Yes, the new one dwarfs the old one just a bit! LOL That one will be headed to the junkyard asap.
I told you Mason had an ear infection, right? Well that's all better, but he didn't tolerate the amoxicillin well and got sick to his stomach a few times. He stayed home from school yesterday because of middle-of-the-night "happenings." He's much better after we stopped the medicine, poor thing. Then last night he got his finger caught in the linen closet door. This kid has been having some bad luck lately! Anyway yesterday I was folding laundry and as I was finishing, I noticed this in the hamper...

Hee hee! Between him and the cats I can't leave a laundry basket for a second!
I got some great things in the mail from Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives. She's got a really nice selection of fabrics, patterns, kits and primitive goodies. Here's the bundle I ordered...

The top fabric is from Red Rooster's new Harvest Town line. I LOVE autumn fabrics, don't you? I also got a set of FQ's in fall colors and textures that I think will go really well in the new pattern I got as well. Brenda included the sweet notepad on top, isn't she the best? She gives such personalized service, always with a nice note too. Thanks Brenda!

Speaking of Brenda, I got this garden flag from her last year, which is in front of my house right now...

Here are those hyacinths you see on the right...

These were from a pot I bought at Wegman's a few Easters ago...I planted the bulbs outside and now they come back every year! Love that! Speaking of spring flowers, here are the daffodils along our front walk...

There's our walkway that's going to be replaced next month. In fact those slabs will be removed and that area will be incorporated into the planting bed. The new walkway will start to the left of the daffodils. I cannot wait for this project to be done...I love the front of our house but the new walkway and porch will make it really nice, I think. Of course I'll show you along the way!
Since Mason's been sick, I haven't done much quilting but I have been doing some embroidery. Remember that stitchery I was working on? Yup, still plugging along on that. It's kind of driving me crazy because the stabilizer keeps coming loose. Then I have to stop and iron it back on. Does anyone have any tips about this? I'm using the tear-away kind, should I be using something stronger? Help!
I've seen a great idea on some blogs, using fabric in embroidery hoops for decorating walls. I know Sarah's done it and I love how it looks. You can showcase some of your favorite fabrics, then change them whenever you want. So I bought a couple of blue ones at Joann's today to decorate my laundry room. I can't wait to pick out which fabrics to start with!

 Good sales, folks! All thread is 50% off, along with their summer decor. The flag was only 20% off but it is the perfect size for me so I got it. We have a flagpole on our porch and our flag ripped last year. I went to get the pole out of the garage but noticed the paint was all peeling off. I sanded it and I'm going to give it a coat of white paint this afternoon. That'll look nice and crisp on the porch, I think!
Well, Don's not here yet and it's almost 1:00pm...I hope he gets here soon and has it finished by the time the kids get home! C'mon Don!

Have a great day! P.S. The mac-n-cheese was *delicious*!!

♥ Jen


  1. Phew! You have been busy! I need to hit Joann's again soon. Maybe this weekend. I love the pinwheels.

  2. I know your kids are going to love a new playset! I hope Mason is better ... what is it about laundry baskets ... mine did the same thing!
    Your flowers and fabrics are wonderful. I need to go to JoAnn's and do some shopping!
    I am glad the apples are helping :)

  3. Glad Mason is feeling better...ear infections are the worst! Love the idea of using fabric & embroidery hoops for decorating...thanks for sharing!


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