Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Starting a stitchery

Hello and Happy Wednesday! I'm in NY but far enough north that we're just getting a taste of this winter storm. We're expecting about 2-4 inches today. A good day to stay inside and stitch!
I started Kathy Schmitz' Harvest Home stitchery. I bought this pattern last year and I just love it. I have a thing for acorns and leaves so this is perfect.

The only problem is getting the pattern onto the darn fabric. It comes in four sections, on double-sided paper. The suggested method is scanning each quarter onto freezer paper and then tracing the four sections onto the fabric. My scanner is...ahem..."vintage," so it doesn't work with my new laptop. SO, I taped the two bottom halves onto a window and traced them onto freezer paper, then reversed them and traced the top halves. Meanwhile, since the pattern is double-sided you see two sections at once. Good times! Since my arm was screaming at me, I made a makeshift lightbox out of a pane of glass and a table lamp...that helped combat arm fatigue.

Once I had it on the freezer paper (see first photo), I had to trace the whole thing again onto my fabric with water-soluble ink. It took forever! I wish the pattern had been printed on transfer paper, like Aunt Martha's Iron-on Transfers or Lynette Anderson's patterns. Anyway I'm doing the whole thing in DMC's #3857, Dirty Red. It really is super cute. If you have a scanner it will be MUCH easier!
Oh, I did want to show you this pretty print I got at Christmas Tree Shops last week. It was just $16.99 (framed). I hung it in the dining room...

Love me some impressionism!

Off to do some to you later!

♥ Jen


  1. Wow. That's a lot of work! But I'm sure it will be gorgeous when you are done.

  2. I love the sampler and I know it seemed like a lot of work--but it will be well worth it in the end---it is going to be beautiful.
    Hugs, Di

  3. Thanks Jen and Di--Yeah, you're right, it'll be worth it! ♥ Jen


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