Monday, July 18, 2011


Hey there! Are you staying cool? Here it's been miserable...I am not a summer person, I tend to wilt when it gets about 80 degrees. I braved the heat and took some photos of our flowers. Let's start in front of the house, shall we?
I have two of these pots, one on each side of the sitting wall. They're a bit past-peak here.
Two of these as well, on either side of the front door. They've really filled out nicely!
A variety of coleuses (colei?)
Going around the side...
The two white hydrangeas are the "Annabelle" variety. Of course we had to plant those! They do really well on the north side of our house. The middle purple hydrangea was a gift from my mother-in-law a few years ago and he's happy as well.
Now in the back...
I just thought this sunflower was sprang up from a dropped seed from the bird feeder.
In the fairy garden...
This is one of three oak-leaf hydrangeas. The deer love these and eat them down to nubs in the winter. We tried protecting them with burlap but it was too late last fall.  This year we'll start earlier, so hopefully we'll have blooms next year!
That's as far as I got...I can't stay out for long, as you know! Anyway thanks for taking this little tour with me!

♥ Jen

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Teeny update

Why hello! We meet again! Sorry for not posting much lately. The past two weeks have been pretty crazy, with the kids off, activities, and visitors. But I am very happy that for the next couple of weeks, we have very little scheduled. Today I slept until 8:15 (woo hoo!), then we went to the mall for a few hours. Got a cute couple of shirts for Mason at Old Navy, including this one...
And new pjs for Annabelle from Justice (her favorite store!)...
We had lunch and ice cream and did some various shopping and window-shopping. I got a Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks...have you ever tried one? Mmmm, so yummy! I got it a tad bit lighter by ordering 2% milk...but still got the whipped cream, ha!
Sewing-wise, I'm working on a new project but I can only give sneaky-peeks for now...isn't this fabric beautiful??
I also need to do some more stitchery. I just need to. I have some iron-on transfers that I have to get going on...have you ever used Aunt Martha's transfers? They have some really cute patterns out now. Cheap too! This is one of the ones I have that I want to start on...
Ok well Mason's waiting for me to play poker with him so I better go. I will check in again soon! Hope everyone's doing well!

♥ Jen