Friday, April 2, 2010

Bluebirds and bunnies

I just have a few minutes, my friends...Dave took the kids to Home Depot and they'll  be back did he get them there, you ask? For the mundane task of buying compost and bird seed? Ah! With the promise of ice cream on the way home. It's 86 degrees here today...I feel like it's mid-July instead of early April. It was so nice today though, playing outside, having all the windows open...but it can go back to Spring-like weather soon. Really. I'm not one for the heat.

Speaking of bluebirds, I  saw two in our yard over the past two days. They are pretty rare to see around here, even though they are the New York state bird. Interesting, huh? Huh?

Tomorrow, Dave is working so when he gets home we'll color our Easter eggs. Then of course leave out carrots and lettuce (and the prettiest egg) for the Big Guy. Hopefully he'll bring some good treats (and NO white chocolate!).

Speaking of RABBITS now, we have so many in our yard it is incredible. We back up to the "forest" and they like to visit our property and poop. There are rabbit poodies everywhere, it's disgusting. Good thing they're so darned cute. Dave is determined to not let them eat our veggies this year so he got a humane trap. The plan is to catch them one by one and let them free in a field on his way to work. For the past few days we've left the trap out, unset, filled with lettuce and carrots. They're on to us because not a nibble has been taken. Hmmph. Is there better bunny bait?

Ok, off to finish up dinner dishes...Happy Easter, everyone!

♥ Jen


  1. Happy Easter! 86 degrees?! Wow. I thought our 73 was warm!

  2. Jen,
    We have bunnies galore here too! Try pieces of sweet potato or apples. We have a friend who catches them at our house and takes them to his home to let them populate there!
    Have a Happy Easter!


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