Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabric time

My Fat Quarter Shop order arrived on Monday! Don't you just love how they package their fabrics? Everything's folded so nice and neatly, and no matter what combination of fabrics you get, they all look so good together.
I got all of these yard cuts on sale!
from Aneela Hooey
Lakehouse ~ can't get enough!
...and more Lakehouse...
...and more...
...and more!

These next three are only 1/2-yard cuts. The first two are from Lynette Anderson, and the last one is from a line called "Dear Mr. Claus." These were all full price, but I had to have them!
Whoopsie, the red one is upside-down! Sorry!
This is my favorite. I usually love anything Cosmo Cricket!
The kids and I took the cats to the vet yesterday for their check-ups. They got great reports! I always worry about them drinking enough water though. Cats are known for not getting as much as they should, which strains their kidneys. The vet suggested a water fountain, so we got them this at PetSmart...
Both have drank from it already, so hopefully it will work out well!
Annabelle loves Hol!
Have a great day, all!
♥ Jen

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quilty things

I'm all caught up on my Country Cottages fact, I started the July block on the day it came out! I had joined a few months late so it's nice to be on the right month. Feels weird to applique shamrocks in May! Anyway, here's the June block:
Kim had given me the idea to make a block for the kite and trim it to size (it doesn't say to do that in the instructions). That worked out great. You should check out Kim's progress on this quilt...her blocks are just gorgeous!
Here's my July one (I need to press it some more, obviously!):

When taking these pictures, I realized I forgot to do the last step...the embroidered curly design above the door. So I guess I'm not really done. But that shouldn't take long. And of course all buttons and doodads will be added at the end.
I went to Joann's last week and picked up a few things.
I thought the ladybugs and shamrocks would work out great for this quilt. The shamrocks are felt...cute, right? I needed some floss, and new rick rack for the roof trims. Aren't these fabrics pretty?
Man, they were expensive! And neither one was on sale so they were over $10/yard! But I had two coupons, one for Joann's and one for Hobby Lobby that a fellow shopper gave me. I don't have many orange or gray fabrics....I think these are both Denyse Schmidt? I forget now.
I'm starting my next quilt. I had bought the pattern "Jelly-Filled" from Camille's store awhile ago...and when I saw the previews for Marmalade, I knew that was the fabric I wanted to use. Only problem, it's not being released until October. Luckily, I found a seller on ebay who already had some jelly rolls so I bought one. Cheaper than retail too! Now I can get started sooner rather than later. P.S. It's even prettier in person!
 I bought this charm pack from her Cosmo Cricket!
I have a Fat Quarter Shop order on the way, which should be arriving tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll be sure to show you some more fabric goodness in my next post!

Take care, friends!

♥ Jen

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hello everyone! I hope your summer is going well. Things have been busy here. My dad got married at the end of June! He married a wonderful woman who fits right in with our family. It was a beautiful wedding, at a gorgeous spot in Brooklyn. The best part was spending time with everyone. Both of my sisters were there with their families...we had so much fun. We're kind of spread out along the east coast, so it's very rare that we're all together.
My dad is gradually moving into his new wife's house, and there are a lot of things in his apartment that he does not want to bring with him. I was so happy when he said that I could have this Singer sewing table.
This has been in my family for generations. It was originally my great-grandmother's. For as long as I remember, it's been in my parents' house. The little drawers were filled with odds and ends. I always knew I could find an emery board when I needed one.
Unfortunately, the sewing machine is long one really knows what happened to it. But it's heavy enough as it is. My sister and I brought it down to put in my car; right away, someone asked us if we were getting rid of it. I could see his eyes light up! We had to guard that table every second!
lamp off
But I think it found a great home in my dining room. It fits perfectly in this little niche. I added a placemat on top to hide the less-than-perfect top. My dad also let me have the lamp and the painting above it. It's a cozy spot, don't you think?
lamp on
 Now I get to fill the drawers with bits and baubles. Hopefully my children will know that this treasure will always be filled with treasures, just like it was for me.

♥ Jen