Friday, April 16, 2010

A sewing day

You'll be happy to know the swingset is all done. LOL Don finished it up on Tuesday, right after dinner so the kids tried it out right away. Their friend from across the street flew over as well.

I like that I can go on the swings too...I always felt I would break the old ones, this one is so sturdy. Of course after a few minutes I get nauseous so I limit my time. LOL
Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon sewing and organizing my fabric. I picked out two pretty pieces for my laundry room/embroidery hoop project.

They're 10 inch embroidery hoops that were a couple bucks each. I like the "springy-ness" of these particular fabrics. You can see the walls are plain old white...I want to paint them but (1) I can't decide what color and (2) it will be a major pain to paint that small room, with high ceilings and the washer/dryer to work around. Oh well, I'll wait to get inspired I guess!
Have you made Monica's Poochie bags? She has a free pattern that uses just 3 fat quarters. It's easy, fun and you get a super-cute bag when you're done. Instant gratification! OK, not "instant" but "a short time." Yesterday I made this one...

Those are Debbie Mumm gardening fabrics, with Lecien straps. I've bought a bunch of that yellow bee fabric, it is so sweet and goes in tons of projects really well. I made this Poochie bag awhile ago...

There are pockets on both sides and it's lined and nicely-finished on the inside. Fun fun!
I've made lots of these little makeup bags. This is the one I made yesterday...

Reverse side...

And inside...
I just happened to have the same retro-fashion-lady fabric that is on the pattern picture so I used that. This may be my favorite pattern ever. It's easy and you can really be creative with the front so it doesn't get boring. Here's a rerun photo of bags I made for teacher gifts last Christmas...

See that middle bag on the pattern, at the bottom? Yup, same fabric! ♥
Have a happy weekend friends...Dave and I are going to spend a lot of it digging up bushes and bulbs from the front and relocating them since work is starting on our walkway next week. Good thing it's supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen,
    You have been sewing up a storm... just like me :) It's so wonderful when you finish a creation and you look at it and say, "I made that!", isn't it? I just love it! Great work on your stuff!

    Have a great weekend :)


  2. Is the yard work done yet????
    Love your tote bag and the little bags--great job.
    I am doing the bag sew in tomorrow here on the net--so I will making a bag--of sorts--you will have to stop by and have a looky see!!
    have a fun weekend--Hugs, Di

  3. Me again---I just love these lady bugs--great find--keeps me awake while I am writing to you!!!
    hugs, again--Di

  4. I love your ladybugs too! I know the kids love the playset ... keep them busy :)
    You have been busy ... the bags are so cute and the fabric hooped for the laundry is adorable. I love Debbie Mumm fabrics! Imagine that ... me and you having something in common! LOL

  5. Darling little zipper bags, love them, and I might have to make one of those cool totes!!!!

  6. Love the bags!! And woohooo on the swing set. I know the kids re lovin that.
    Great zipper bags. There so much fun to make.

  7. Adding that pattern to my WANT list! Very cute and great little gifts. Yup. I NEED it. LOL!!


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