Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New fabrics

I did a little fabric shopping yesterday. There's a quilt store in North Syracuse called Mission Rose Quiltery. I go there occasionally, when I'm in the neighborhood. I took Dave's car in to get his snow tires off and Honda just happens to be near the quilt shop. I got a yard of this...

So cute, right? I'm seeing aprons in this fabric's future. Here's a smidge closer...

There were a lot of sweet fabrics in this group. I also got some of this...

Is that not adorable?! Another apron for sure. I'm really happy that this quilt shop has been offering more and more kits. It's so nice to just grab one sometimes. One half of the store is cottons, the other is yarn and wools. I've gotten wool there before and it's really beautiful. This time I picked up this fun little wall hanging kit...

Not that I need another project, but I think it'll be quick and fun to make for the summer. What else did I get? Just a few fat quarters...

That top one is from Michael Miller. More detail...

Oh hi Willow. Yes I will take your picture. Do your pets always want in on the photo taking? I can't tell you how many times I've cropped out a tail or two.

Ok where was I? Oh right, well, that was it at the fabric store. Now if they'd only have a 30s section I'd be ecstatic. Finally the library had this for me, that I've had a "hold" on forever...

Have you seen this book? Oh it is too cute. I haven't had a good look at it yet but I'm sure there will be a project or two for me.
We had an early Passover dinner at my mother-in-law's house over the weekend--lots of fun! The kids got to see two of their cousins which was great. Did I take any pictures? No, the camera never left my purse, darn it. Ugh! Well next month we're getting together again so watch out! Now Easter's coming up this weekend...and it's supposed to be beautiful out, near 80! I don't remember the last time (if ever) we could wear short sleeves on Easter. I do remember a snowy Easter Sunday or two...
I'm making apple butter pork loin tonight. It's pretty chilly out today, still good to make cozy meals. Have a great day!

♥ Jen


  1. VERY cute fabrics! They would make adorable potholders too. Last summer, when I was in upstate NY; your area, I went to a quilt shop. Ask me if I remember its name? Nope. All I remember was that it was in a barn - upstairs. And downstairs was a flower shop and embroidery shop... Oh wait. Calico Gals, maybe?! It was a cute shop.

  2. OH Jen---I LOVE LOVE LOVE those fabrics---do you know if this shop has on online shop????
    I made it to Syracuse and back to day==but no quilt shops--no money!!! but now I am sorry, because the first gal who was gonna take us up had plans to stop at that shop--darn!!!!
    Have fun making your aprons!!
    Hugs, Di
    LOVE this background--too

  3. Jen, I love, love, love the fabric! What is the name of fabric? I have to know! I must find some online or in a quilt shop. I love teacups and teapots!
    Have a wonderful Easter and yes my cats always want in my pics :)

  4. That fabric is fantastic...great for aprons AND potholders as someone else mentioned. Wouldn't that be a sweet pattern for a tea cozy too?

  5. Love those fabrics Jen!!! I am hoping to have a apron swap one month with the tea quilt along group. Hope you will participate. :-)

  6. the kitchen fabrics are so cute Jen, what are the names on the selvage of the cups and the china hutch one?


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