Monday, June 14, 2010

Stipplin' fun

The stippling is D-O-N-E, done! I finished it yesterday. Seriously, by the end, it was no big deal. I wasn't thinking about every little curve and stitch. It definitely got to feeling almost natural. I still have to trim the ends and add the binding, but here it is so far...

I used 3 spools of white thread for the quilting, including bobbins. More than for straight-line quilting, for sure.

I really do love the colors. The pinks, orange, red and yellow are so bright and cheerful.

My arms got a workout, which is good because they need it. The quality-control department is already at work...

I'll do the binding after I make end-of-year teacher gifts. I've got a few apples made, a bunch more to go. Then I need to make the little wool leaves like on these. Anyway here are the mostly-done ones...

I'm also thinking of making the aides and the bus driver makeup bags. Maybe put a little DD gift card in them. Ok, note to self, gotta get moving on those too. Hard to believe that the kids are almost done with school! I've got them signed up for swimming lessons, and Annabelle will do a softball camp too. We're going to do a little travelling and otherwise have fun. I do like hanging out with those kiddos!
Today I had to run to Yankee Candle to get some air freshener refills. Home Sweet Home is my absolute favorite scent and I love for my house to smell like's cinnamon-y, spicy, and homey. The saleswoman told me that the fall scents will be out soon. Now that's something autumnal I can get used to in the summer!
Enjoy your day and I hope the week is starting off well for everyone!

♥ Jen


  1. Love the quilt!! Great job on the quilting.
    Kitty loves it I can see.
    Apples are adorable!! Everyone will love them and the make up bag............great idea.Who doesn't like those???
    Happy Summer!!!!!

  2. It's looks great!! Awesome job! And those apples... too cute!! Can you share the pattern or tutorial you used?? That would be great for next year gifts.

  3. Gorgeous! I love this quilt, the stippling is adorable and the colors are so sweet too! :)

  4. Hello, I'm a lifestyle photographer in the Syracuse area and I'd love to document you and your family someday! My style is natural and creative and all about you! Contact me at for more information and see my portfolio at Thanks!! And I love those apples you made!


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