Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peony season

Do you have peonies in your yard? I love these flowers. They're beautiful and they smell soooo pretty. We have one bush but I think it's time to get more. I cut these over the weekend and they scent the whole downstairs.

How was your Memorial Day weekend? My kids had four days off (including Friday), because they had an "extra" snow day that went unused. So we spent that day playing and enjoying the beautiful weather. On Saturday we did some plant shopping in the morning (Dave's started his veggies), then we all spent the whole day outside again. We filled a cooler with both adult and kid drinks, barbequed, etc. Sunday we went to a really nice park and then to friends for a cookout. We missed the parade on Monday this year...the kids were really complaining about going so I thought, what's the point? Instead I went to Joann's and ordered some Warm and White batting (they were sold out), and then again spent the day outside. My Irish tan is really coming along! LOL

I have been working on Annabelle's quilt here and there too. The center of it is all sewn together, and now I'm working on the inner border. I should have that done today. Annabelle and I picked out the outer border fabric so I ordered that and 5-1/2 yards of $2.99 fabric for the backing from Desperate Quilters. Love this website, really good deals on stuff like that! I haven't taken any pictures of my progress and today is dark and rainy so that will have to wait.
Holly had mentioned that Hobby Lobby actually has Fall decor out. Not just stuff to craft with--candles, ready-made decorations, etc. Unbelievable! I mean, I love autumn more than anyone but it's even too early for me! Sure enough, I stopped there today on my way home from BJ's and yup, the summer stuff is relegated to a little clearance area. I can't even think about harvest things now, summer has just (unofficially) begun! Sheesh.
Ok, now to get back to work...shopping's done, laundry's laundering, now the floors need cleaning. I want to get all my housework done so I can get back to quilting this afternoon. It has been great having Bitsy back, I sure did miss the old girl!

♥ Jen


  1. I love peonies myself but I have no bushes in my yard. I need to get a couple. Sounds like you and your family had a great holiday weekend.

  2. I love peonies! My have bloomed for the year and are all gone... but I can still smell them! My hydrangeas are blooming now and are going to be beautiful.
    We went to see the Atlanta Braves on Memorial Day and I am sun-burned!!!
    I am so glad you have Bitsy back and can't wait to see your progress!

  3. Peonies are my very favorite flower, and sadly I don't have any in my yard! That has to be my #1 goal for the garden this summer, get me some peonies!! x

  4. I am happy to say that the bush that I took three little sections off of are beautiful this year--huge big blooms--kinda a soft pinky color!! ( the bush was mostly dead when I cleaned up this one garden here about 4 years ago when I found the three little roots with a "bud" on them--wasn't sure what I was doing--but it came out great!!!!
    Hugs, Di


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