Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's Tuesday and the kids are back to school after the three-day weekend. It was fun...we went to a museum and then out to lunch on Saturday. I had the most delicious buffalo chicken wrap, yum! I'm still dreaming about it. The museum was great too...it's called the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse. We go every so often and it's a good time. Lots of hands-on things for the kids and very interesting displays about the solar system, human body, etc. There's a huge display of major architectual landmarks made entirely out of toothpicks! If you're ever in the Syracuse, NY area, I highly recommend it!


So I've been putting the binding on my Tisket, A Tasket quilt, and it's coming along nicely. In fact I just have a little bit left to do. I do want to add some hand quilting after though, in each block. I'm thinking I'll make a little butterfly template and add a few to each. You know, kind of echoing the butterfly idea going on in the border. Then once that's done I'll add a sleeve of some sort to the back so I can hang it up, probably in our bedroom. We need stuff on the walls in there!


You know these cute little fabric apples I got from Gooseberry Patch?

Well, I was inspired to make my own after looking through this book...

There's a pattern for making your own! Cool huh? So I set about my task and made a half dozen! I changed it a little bit...I ran some embroidery floss from the top to the bottom a few times to make them more apple-y shaped instead of little balls. Plus, I embroidered veins on wool leaves instead of cotton ones. And I used cinnamon sticks for the stems (actually, come to think of it, I think that WAS part of the pattern).

I think I need something in the bottom of the basket...I don't know, raffia maybe? Or just more apples? What do you think?

I just can't get enough of this cute elephant fabric! :-) I know it's not apple season but they just make me happy! And it's always the season for that!


OK, so back to getting that binding done...I'll be sad when that part's over, I really do enjoy it! I'll just have to start another quilt I guess!

Check out the US map my son made over the weekend...he's six, mind you!

We printed out the outline but he added the state names, colors, and the years in which they became states and when their state quarters were released. This kid loves to learn!

Have a great day!

♥ Jen


  1. Hi Jen! Your little apples are killing me. They are sooo cute! I made a few little apples around Christmas time and you are inspiring me to make bunches more and putting them in a bowl. And I LOVE your little elephant fabric!!! xoxo

  2. Oh the apples are genius. I love yours more than the picture. Who needs anything in the bottom of the basket!? It is great just the way it is.

  3. Love your fabric apples and featured them in my favorites. I have apple decor in my kitchen and am doing a week of apple posts on my blog. ♥ Kelsey


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