Monday, January 4, 2010

Workin' on my quilt

Hello my friends! How are you on this fine day? There's a light snow (for real this time!) falling, laundry's going, and I'm quilting! My package from Desperate Quilters arrived today...I love that I got it so quickly! My fabric was packaged so nicely, and they even sent me a yummy looking teabag! If you've never ordered from them, give them a look-see...great selection and prices. So here's what I got...

A teensy bit closer...

I just love this color combination...lemon yellow, reddish-pink and muted green. I couldn't resist the Love U charm pack...oh those fabrics are cute! That of course is for my charm pack hoard a later project. Here's that bottom fabric by itself...

I'm thinking of using this for the outer border...but I'm not sure, I won't know until I get the rest of the top pieced together. It should take on a whole new look with the sashing and inner border so I'll know better then. If not, it's such a pretty fabric, I will find another use for it somewhere!

I pressed and cut the fabrics...later onto the sewing! Ready for a confession? I've never done sashing in a quilt before. This isn't too surprising when you figure I've only been sewing for less than two years, I guess. But still, I hope it all comes together okay! I'll let you know how it goes!

Are you on the Gooseberry Patch email list? Did you see they're not going to be mailing catalogs anymore? Not only that, but they're discontinuing all their cute little country gifts and kitchen things. They're only going to focus on cookbooks, calendars and planners. I am so sad about that! I loved getting their catalogs and re-reading them a million times. Where am I going to get things like this now? *sniff*

Now I'm off to fold the laundry...I'll leave you on a happy note with these cute little guys! Take care friends!

♥ Jen


  1. HiJen!! Happy New Year!! Love your new fabrics. All the holidays are over it's time to get back to sewing right?
    I love Gooseberry Patch. I had not heard that they were not doing the catalog anymore. How sad.
    Love those buttons. Very cute.

  2. I cannot believe Gooseberry Patch is ending the catalogs...sad! I love the fabrics, especially the snail one.


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