Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Well hello there! Long time no post, huh? I hope everyone had a happy, peaceful Christmas. Did Santa come? We got one of these at my house...

Bowling seems to be the family favorite. I got "Wii arm" the first day! It really is a fun family activity. Just look at my house on Christmas...the pictures came out super-blurry, so sorry about that! Aack!

My dad bowling

Yes, the family room is a mess, but it is Christmas morning! You'll have to excuse me this time! LOL We had a great visit with Pops...he flew in on Christmas Eve and left super early on the 27th. We relaxed, ate, talked, all that good stuff. Plus a trip to Wegman's, of course. You can't visit Syracuse without a trip to Wegman's!

So now that Christmas is over, I can show you some of the things that I made for Christmas gifts! My dad is a big fan of Charles Dickens. When I saw this on Karen's website I knew I had to make it for him. ★

I had such fun stitching this wall hanging. It's about 16" x 20". The kit was put together so nicely, all I had to provide was the floss. I didn't order it until shortly before Thanksgiving so I was a little worried it wouldn't be done in time, but it all worked out. Anyway my dad liked it a lot! I have to ship it to him since it was so big...but I do have a perfect place on a wall in my dining room for it...just kidding Dad!

What did everyone do for New Year's Eve? The family and I played Monopoly (I did terribly, as usual), ate the rest of the leftover Christmas cookies, and tried to stay up til midnight. The kids fell asleep, as did Dave and I but the two of us woke up before midnight and were able to watch the ball drop. I think I was in bed by 12:05. The champagne is still in the fridge, unopened. Hmm, maybe some mimosas later. Oh, yeah!

We've been getting lots of snow lately...I guess to make up for the mild winter we've had up until Christmas. I'm going to try to run out to Joann's today...lots of sales this weekend, my friends!

Before I go, I have to tell you what I got for Christmas from my awesome husband!

The Keurig platinum! Oh I was so happy to get this...I've been wanting one for a long time. It is so cool. It took us a bit to find a great coffee....apparently I like it stronger than I thought..but now that we've found some we love it. In fact I'm drinking a perfectly brewed single cup right now! Mmmmmm

Ok, better go play some Wii with Mason...have a wonderful day!

♥ Jen

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  1. Beautifully stitched gift for your dad. I love it. I love doing emboidery and love seeing what others do also.


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