Monday, January 11, 2010

New project and an almost-finished one

Good afternoon! I've been spending the last hour or so working on a new little in-between project, a table runner made from a Brannock & Patek "Looking Back" charm pack. I love the primitive colors and I think it will be perfect for our kitchen table. I sewed four 9-patch blocks, then cut them into quarters, then rearranged the pieces until I liked how it looked. Yup, your basic "disappearing 9-patch." I had never made one before but I liked the idea of (1) very little cutting, and (2) no pattern.

It's looking good, I think, very homey and scrappy. Which is what I was going for!

My Tisket, A Tasket quilt top is done! Yaay! The border fabric came in the mail on Friday so I added that and now it's just waiting for me to get some batting. Remember the fabric I had ordered to be the border? Well, I didn't think it was the right know how you keep turning your head and squinting to see if a fabric works, then you realize, if I have to do this, then it doesn't? Yeah. So I got some fabrics out from my stash and when I tested the butterfly one, I knew immediately. No squinting. Bad news...I only had a half yard. Off I went to the Fat Quarter Shop! Anyway, here it is...

Oh, I just love those little elephant prints! In fact all of the border/sashing/post prints are somewhere in the quilt. I've been thinking about how to quilt it...I think what I'm going to do is stitch in the ditch around the borders and each block, and then either do diagonal lines in the blocks, or random "x's." There are too many embellishments and such to do machine quilting, I think. For my limited talents, anyway!

Well, enjoy your week, my friends! Before I go, take a look at my kitty sitting in a teeny basket by the fire over the weekend...she was co-zee! Later!

♥ Jen


  1. Your A Tisket A Tasket quilt is so nice!!! I've printed all the patterns and thought "one day"! Seeing yours might inspire me....we'll see. lol LOVE the butterflies too! Looks great!


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