Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's go shopping!

Do you have Hobby Lobby in your area? It's a humongous craft store...but I usually don't have much luck there. It's so big I think I get overwhelmed. Today though, I found two awesome fabrics!

This one is the same fabric I made curtains out of last year...but mine are in the reverse colorway, sage with ivory dots. I had gotten that at Joann's. I haven't seen this colorway before! I'm thinking some pillows for the bed! A funny story about that day at Joann's...I was all set to get the fabric cut, when I realized I had forgotten my 40% off coupon. I wouldn't buy it without it, since it was $9.99/yd. Expensive for Joann's, no? It is nice fabric though, not thin and stretchy like some of theirs. Anyway, I put the bolt back and tried again a few days later. I couldn't find the bolt and then I saw a woman walking around the store holding MY FABRIC! The nerve! I needed something like 8 yards too. I stalked her for awhile, hoping she'd put it back. She looked uncertain, kept comparing it to a paint swatch she had. Finally she went to the cutting counter. Wouldn't you know it she got 4 yds? Not enough left for me. UGH! What luck, right? So I got the four left on the bolt and had to order the rest, which came in a week later. TOTALLY annoying but I did love the fabric so it was worth it. Here's a picture of one of my windows...

Sorry, not the best picture, too much outdoor light. Anyway, as you can see, nothing fancy, I just hemmed the edges and draped it in such a way that you can't see the selvedges.

I got a yard of this one today too...couldn't resist the states for my favorite little guy!

Of course the cats had to inspect my new purchases...they don't look very impressed, do they?

I also got another Aunt Marta's iron-on pattern...look at this cutie! I see some more dishtowels in my future!

The other day, I made Mason a pillow out of those cute snuggly flannels I had gotten awhile he is, snuggling with that and the new quilt...

The binding's all can see a little nugget of it, there on the's the red polka dot fabric I used for the sashing posts. That's another fabric I can't get enough of! I made a little butterfly template so my next step is to trace some on the quilt and do some hand-quilting. Which means this quilt should be done in about 6 months.

A shot of Annabelle and Willow...this cat loooooves her, she will purr on Annabelle forever and sit on her whenever Annabelle's sitting still. Me, she runs away from. The cat that is.

Have a great day's a sweet flower I got at the market to brighten things up!

♥ Jen

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