Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going to the bathroom

What? No! Not for THAT! Silly! I just want to show you the new rug I put in the powder room. I had gotten it from Gooseberry Patch's after-Christmas sale and then I tucked it away. It has blue in it which I normally don't decorate with...except for this room. After cleaning it I thought, hmmm, this room could use a new rug...lightbulb!

I wonder why the stars are off-center, now that I look at it? Oh well! Thus the CLEARANCE, I guess! So anyway, here's a few more views if you'd like to see...

A closeup of the border, that goes 1/2 way up the wall..

I painted this room myself a few years ago. Do you find that bathrooms are the worst to paint? This one was! First, the ceiling is 9 feet tall, so I needed the big ladder to get near the ceiling. Very difficult to maneuver in a small space! Then getting around the sink, toilet, etc. It took all day to paint 2 coats.


While we're on a blue theme here, check out this egg plate I got at Marshall's the other day!

It looks kind of Wedgewood-y, don't you think? I love it!


Hey, guess what? My Fat Quarter Shop order arrived today! I am always so impressed at how quickly their orders come! Lookie, lookie!

It was a Miss Rosie kind of order! :-) So now I can get started on that Valentine little quilt...and I've always loved the 4OT pattern. I figured now was a good time to get it, I'll worry about the "plan" for it later. And the Tuffets are just fun! This came too..

Ooooh, my Fig Tree fix! How can you not love this line? Ah! It's so fresh and sweet. Speaking of Fig Tree, I'm getting started on my February block for my coffee quilt. I'll show that once it's done. I know you can't wait! Hee hee...


Next time I'll show the fabrics and pattern I'm going to use for my nephew's quilt. Making a boy's quilt is a many choices are too feminine or cutesy, especially for a 10-year old...but I think this will be great! Have a great day friends!

♥ Jen

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  1. I love your bathroom. Small areas are always a pain to paint. I have ordered from Gooseberry Patch many times. I will have to look for your recipe.
    I have all the patterns you ordered and the Fig Tree fabric! LOL
    Now I need to go to Michaels for ME ribbon... love it!!
    Your TAT is beautiful. I haven't even started mine yet!
    The picture in your last post of the fawn on the sofa is too cute. ADORABLE!
    Have a great day.


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