Sunday, September 11, 2011


I forgot to post yesterday, aack! I'm trying to post every day for the rest of the month, and I didn't last a week! Ugh. That's what getting old does to you, you forget simple every day tasks.

I neglected to tell you how the Teriyaki Chicken turned out...well, it was forgettable, that's for sure! Do yourself a favor and DON'T make it. I don't know, it tasted like overcooked bad Chinese food to me. Blecch!
How is your weekend going? I've been watching a lot of the 9/11 programs. It's amazing how fresh and raw that day still seems, and it was 10 YEARS AGO. What were you doing when you heard? I was pregnant with my daughter, and my mother-in-law and I were driving to my ultrasound appointment in New Jersey (I lived in PA at the time, on the PA-NJ-NY border). My appointment was for 9:00. When we got to the office, the staff there was watching tv and told us what had happened. Rumors were swirling...the white house was attacked was one that I remember. We were in a town not far from New York City, so there was a lot of traffic on our way home. It was just so hard to still sort of is. I think the new memorial at Ground Zero is beautiful and a perfect way to remember those we lost.
Well, on a lighter note, this is yesterday's portion of the post (I'll just combine two into one, ok?). We spent the morning apple picking! We've really been missing fresh crisp apples, and we got pounds and pounds of them! I was hoping for Galas but they're not ready yet. Anyway we got Cortlands, Jonamacs and MacIntosh. I have to bake something with them....any ideas? Then later we were going to go to the Irish Festivial in downtown Syracuse, but by the time we got there and tried to find parking, it was getting late. We decided to just go out to dinner at that point. We went to a great brewery restaurant called Empire Brewing Co. Then out for ice cream...I got Toll House ice cream, which has a brown sugar base with chocolate chips and walnuts. Yum!
Today we went to a harvest festival at a local nature preserve. It's great, we go every year...there's music, entertaiment (including a great musician), games, food and crafts. I bought two jelly jar candles from a local vendor. I never could resist a good candle! It was a beautiful day, not humid at all and nice and sunny. I wish all summer days could be like this!
Have a great night...and I will see you tomorrow (promise)!

♥ Jen


  1. Now me I am 'squirreling' away fabric, embroidery, counted cross stitch patterns, and yarn!!!
    now if someone would just come in and cook some good meals for me--I bet I could get it all done by spring!!!!
    I can not believe you are all decorated for Fall--
    I still haven't finished my summer decorating yet!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  2. Thanks for the chicken review. I'm following them on FB too. I'll skip it. 10 years ago, I was at work when I heard the news. Awful, awful day.

  3. Now see, Jen, if you had posted YESTERDAY, then I wouldn't have the Teriyaki Chicken in the cp for dinner tonight! Oh well, I hope it isn't as bad as you made it sound! lol

    Yummy on the apple picking! Have fun searching for different recipes to use. I love Apple Crisp or pies. Then there's always muffins or strudel! Now my mouth is watering! lol

    Carol (NJ)


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