Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crafty and Candle-y

Hello and Happy Saturday! Did you get to Bath and Body Works today? I heard that their free gift ran out really quickly online, and that some stores sold out early as well. I was lucky, I got to my B&BW right after 10 and they were already allowing you to get the gifties (it supposedly started at 11).
I bought three mini candles for $5 (the ones on the right), and got the ones on the left and the tote bag as a bonus.
The kids each got a little hand sanitizer while we were there. Then, we browsed around Yankee Candle and the Hallmark Store. Lots of the new Keepsake Ornaments are out, so we had fun looking at those. We followed that up with lunch at Wendy's, then came home. It was a good morning. Chilly too! The inside temperature was 63 when we got up. Both kitties slept all snuggled up next to me last night.
I spent a good part of this afternoon ironing. I've had my niece's quilt top finished for awhile now, so I washed the backing fabric and pressed it. The fabric is so pretty...It's from Lakehouse, and it's a delicate white floral on a pink background. I got it from Desperate Quilters for $3.99/yd! Love that when you need 5 or 6 yards.
I also had to press the quilt top since it had been folded up for awhile. I think I have enough batting; if not, I'll be making a trip to Joann's next week.
Allright, gotta run...have a good one, folks!

♥ Jen


  1. No. :( Didn't make it there today. But looks like you made out pretty good and had a good day. I need to pick up some backings. I should check out Desperate Quilters and see what other fabrics they have for sale. I know you bought yours a while ago but never hurts to look.

  2. Well *I* didn't make it to B&BW today. Darn! I was waiting for someone to pick up something and they didn't come until late. Then dh decided he needed help changing the oil in the car. And then it was time to start dinner. ~sigh~ Oh well, I'll find some prizes during the week.

    Good job on the backing fabric. That's a great price! I bet your niece will love her new quilt!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. I forgot about the B&BW but I did make it to Yankee Candle last week!
    I love your fabric for the backing!


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