Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baking, sewing and stuff

Today is a 1/2 day for the kids (tomorrow too), because of parent-teacher conferences. So they'll be home in a little bit...after being home yesterday for Veterans' Day. Annabelle wasn't feeling well on Wednesday...she had a tummyache and a fever in the morning, but by the afternoon she was doing a lot better. They had their annual physicals and they both got good reports (besides Annabelle's "mild virus"). Brag alert! Both kids got *awesome* report cards! Dave and I are so proud. :-) So P/T conferences should go well.

On Tuesday I was in a baking mood, so I made a "pumpkin coffee cake," from Gooseberry Patch's Pumpkin cookbook-let.

It came out yummy! Since it was big (13"x9"), I put 1/2 in the'll be good for Thanksgiving morning breakfast. That's nonstick foil I lined the pan with. Do you do that? It is my favorite tip. Then you can just lift the whole cake out at once and then slice it. Also, use a plastic knife to cut anything like this...there's no sticking and no crumbs! Try it for brownies, cakes, etc. Works great!

Then yesterday I got to work making Christmas gifts for teachers. I think Sharon introduced me to this pattern (?)...I've made bunches of these little makeup bags and they are FUN to make! Quick, easy, and you can be as creative as you want.

The top bag I made out of leftover quilt blocks. Love repurposing fabric...and I think it's as cute as can be! I did use some of my coveted Lakehouse Doll Dresses fabric for the bottom...for the top and the back, oops, didn't take a picture of that...but not much. :-) The bottom blue polka dot fabric is from Bunny Hill, I've used that in so many projects and I love it every time!

This afternoon, Annabelle has an eye doctor appointment. She wears glasses and we've noticed that she's been squinting to look at the tv, etc. even with them on. So probably a new prescription is in order. I'd love to stop by Joann's on the way's just across the street from the opthamologist...but I think the kids would rather eat rusty nails than do that. Oh well, maybe tomorrow a.m.

Later all! Have a great day!

xxxooo Jen


  1. Mmmmmm... you pumpkin coffee cake looks YUM! I love those cookbook-lets from Gooseberry Patch too (I love ALL of Gooseberry Patch!).

    WHat darling, darling pouches! Had to giggle... I think I've said on a dozen occasions, "I think Sharon introduced me to this pattern" or some thing really cool that I have to have!

    Happy weekend, Jen... and congrats to the kiddos for their great grades!

  2. Love the little wristlet bags. They are so fun. They turned out darling.


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