Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello all and Happy November! You may have noticed that I changed the look of my blog to something more autumnal instead of strictly Halloween-y. Speaking of Halloween, how was it? We had a great day. Spent the afternoon carving pumpkins...

Yes, Annabelle is in her pjs...she would stay in them all day if she could! That's me with her. Here are the finished works of art(!)

The day before was the kids' Halloween parties and parade at school. Mason was a skeleton and Annabelle was a pirate.

Ok, back to Mason is getting ready...

And our traditional photo in front of the little maple we planted a few years ago...

The weather held out but it was cold! Some friends trick-or-treated with us, and we had a lot of fun. Our development is new and has a *ton* of kids, so it's always hopping on Halloween. There's a family that owns a bakery and they always give out huge, beautifully decorated cookies. For some reason the kids don't like them so Dave and I are in luck!

I've been sewing on the binding of my Christmas quilt. I love doing that, I know some people don't but it's so relaxing to me, to sit on the couch with a cozy quilt on my lap while I'm actually doing something productive. I get a bit done at a time so I should be done in a few days...I'm not in a rush. Today I took down the Halloween decorations...can't wait to get the Christmas ones out in a few weeks!

Oh, check out this cute little lamp I got last week. It's made from an antique bobbin, and it's got a sweet silicone candle bulb.

Cute, right? And I didn't think $6.99 was bad at all. The shop where I got it (Goose and Gander, no website that I know of) has the nicest stuff. It's dangerous.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Your halloween looks really fun. Good memories are made at halloween I think. Now the count to Thanksgiving and Christmas begins! Start the sewing machines!!!


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