Friday, November 20, 2009

Katie's quilt

Hello and Happy Friday, friends! Having a good day? Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday...the little guy came home from school on Wednesday feeling fine...then got sick right before dinner and several more times during the evening. He was ok yesterday but of course I kept him home. We spent the day playing, reading, drawing, etc. He's "100 percent better" today, so he says. ☀ So far the rest of us are okay!

So here are some pictures of the quilt I made for my niece, Katie. She is a sweet 11-year old who I just love to pieces. Unfortunately we don't live near each other, so hopefully when she snuggles with this she'll think of her family who loves her in Syracuse.

I used Urban Chiks' "Sweet" Fabric for this--a jelly roll, some yardage, a few charms and one or two fabrics that seemed to match. The binding is a nice pinky-red, also from Sweet. I also made a matching pillow...

The blue polka-dot fabric is from Bunny Hill...I used that for the backing as well.

And here's the label that I embroidered...

The pattern is from an issue of "Quilts and More" from earlier this year. I quilted it with a square around each center bird-fabric square, then diagonal lines connecting the squares. I was hoping to highlight the center of each block since it is a rather busy quilt. I do love it, and I hope she does too!!

I got this from Fat Quarter Shop yesterday...

I love This and That patterns. I have a couple of them already that I make again and again. One is the  Abby's Treasure Box that I'm for sure Sharon turned me on to. It's such a fun-sized bag that is perfect for makeup and such. So I'm looking forward to starting this one. I also got this wool kit in the mail from Karen...

Can't really say what the pattern is...Christmas is coming, you know...but the wools and silk matka background are yummy! Gotta get started on this one!

Have a wonderful weekend people!!

♥ Jen


  1. Katie's quilt is SO beautiful and I know it will mean so much to her! You are so talented and such a great Aunt!

    Happy Thanksgiving. And this goes without saying, but you guys are at the top of our list for people for which to be thankful! Love ya!

  2. Was that Karen or Kathleen??!! LOL I can't tell! Love you too, whoever you are!! --Jen

  3. I love the quilt you made for your niece.


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