Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Primitive chic?

Do you have different decorating/fabric preferences? What I mean is, do you like more than one kind? For the most part, I lean toward country/primitive color and decorating schemes, as you can see...

This is the top of the hutch in my morning room. Golds and greens, distressed finishes, and primitive doo-dads.

Here is what is currently on my foyer table. Note to self, turn lights off before photographing. Anyway, if you can see, I have a pennyrug tray which I just love, a grubby candle in a trencher with primitive potpourri, and other country fixins.

I got this cutie at Christmas Tree Shops....also pretty country, rustic, etc. And there's no denying the country-ness of these little guys...

Oh yup, I love me some primitve goodies. That goes for fabrics too. I love country-color quilts, table mats, runners, etc. Here's a little sample of some that I have...

I made a sweet "12 Days of Christmas" wall-hanging earlier in the year with most of these fabrics. I'll show that once I get the holiday decorations out. Also, that gold there covers a few pillows on my family room couch. Monica, do you see that runner underneath? That's the one I got from Gooseberry Patch.

I do have another color side, though. Oh yes I do. I love Shabby Chic pinks, creamy whites, greens and yellows. Check out these...

You've got your Darla, Sweet, Bunny Hill, Lakehouse...all those pretty romantic collections.

And remember this baby..

So I'm wondering, is this common, to love two very different color combos? What are your thoughts?

This is a long post, isn't it? Tomorrow I'll show the quilt that's going to my niece for Christmas. That is certainly in the pinky realm.

♥ Jen


  1. I think all those colors go together! I mean, I wouldn't combine them in a quilt or anything--but I think they are all along the same theme. Country, cute, wonderful Jen! :) I love your decorating sense--and I had no idea that tray was called a pennytray. I learn something new everyday.


  2. It's all wonderful Jen. And yep I have two sides too. My bathroom has alot of pink in it yet the rest of the house is mainly primitive/country. Cant help myself. Love that Darla fabric too. I've got a stash of it myself. Cant bring myself to chop into it.


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