Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas quilt

My Christmas quilt is now officially done! I finished the binding and washed it yesterday, and the kids and I gave it the snuggle test last night. It works! :-)

I really love these Sheri Berry fabrics. Dave wondered why it's not red and green if it's a Christmas quilt. When I said that it's "non-traditional," he asked who I am and what have I done with his wife. LOL I don't know, there's something about aquas and pinks that I just love for the holidays. I'm not going to decorate my whole house in it but it's just so fresh and fun!

My favorite part of this quilt was making the pinwheel corner blocks. I think I'm going to try a whole quilt of pinwheels. I've got a bunch of 30s prints that I think would be perfect.

Now I'm working on a top secret Christmas gift. I'll show that another time. Meanwhile I really need a fall runner. I had a Halloween one out but of course that's gone I have any autumn fabrics left? Better go delve into my stash....

I'll come up for air later!

xxxooo Jen


  1. I'm always so jealous of you guys who can sew, and especially quilt! Gorgeous!


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