Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun news!

I think my regular readers know that I am a big fan of Gooseberry Patch. I've been collecting their cookbooks for years, and I've even had recipes and memories published in a few (another one coming soon!). My blog was selected to be one of their "Featured Fridays" blogs earlier this year. So I am very excited about this newest development!
Gooseberry Patch has asked me to be an "Early Bird Reviewer" for some of their upcoming cookbooks. Over the next year, I will be receiving 5 yet-to-be-released cookbooks. I'm going to make several of the recipes, post pictures, recipes, etc. Plus I'll be giving my honest opinions, right here on my blog.

And the best part? I'm getting TWO of each cookbook...one for me, and one for a giveaway! So I'll be having lots o' giveaways next year. Fun fun! I am really looking forward to this, I love trying out new recipes and my friends and family will be able to enjoy them too. This will be my first cookbook to review...
I just received my copies last week, and oh boy, I can't wait to get cooking! I think while I have family here at Christmas I'll try out a few things. Maybe Reuben Dip? Or Julie's Fresh Guacomole? The Brown Sugar Cake looks good too...well, I'll pick a few soon! So stay tuned and we'll have fun!!
Speaking of cooking, I've got my poppy seed breads rising on the stove and they'll  be going in the oven soon. I make these every year at Christmastime, they're a tradition in my family for Christmas morning breakfast. They freeze really well so I'm glad to do them ahead of time. And today is a day to bake...cold, windy and snowy! Oh I never showed you pictures from last week's snowstorm...here's a few...
My poor baby crabapple tree, all burlapped up...hope he's okay in there!

That's what 4 feet of snow looks like...but deliveries keep up!
Where are my upstairs window wreaths? Peeking out...
Got an arm workout that day!

We were wondering if this week's "lake effect" snow would be similar, but so far it's not so bad. In fact no school delays or cancellations. I'm hoping that keeps up because Annabelle's winter concert is tomorrow night, the show must go on!

Well take care friends...and I hope your enjoying the holiday season!

♥ Jen


  1. WOW! Jen, that is so awesome that you get to be a tester. PLEASE experiment on us--it will be so fun. Congrats :) Also, that snow is amazing....I hope it looks a lot like that when we get there!

    And, I love the background of your blog...so cute. Rebecca likes the snowing on the screen part the best.

  2. AWESOME Jen!! And that's a HECK of a lot of snow!

  3. Jen, You are so lucky! I love Gooseberry Patch and their cookbooks. I have so many but to get it before anyone else does!!
    The snow you have would shut our area down for a week or more :) It is so pretty.
    I don't know how I missed your last post but I love the craft mag too!

  4. I love love this blog background---How did I miss it--I am always looking for new ones for my blog--and I just love the colors in this one!!!
    Great news on the Gooseberry books--one of these days I am gonna cook and bake something!!!
    and all that snow and me still without any!!!!
    AND--I love those pinecone skiers---just darling--
    I do not believe I have that issure for last year but I am going to go look for it--know I haven't seen this years yet!!!
    maybe they sold as fast as they came in!!!
    keep warm--hugs, Di and miss gracie

  5. Holy cow!!!! It looks beautiful but still.. so much snow!!


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