Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Oh boy is it a rainy day! I guess it could be worse (i.e., snow), but it is pouring like crazy out there! Plus insane winds. Lucky for the kids I drove them to school today, since Annabelle had orchestra rehearsal. The kids coming in from the bus were drenched. I'm glad to be back home with warm kitties and a cup o' joe!
So how was your Thanksgiving? We drove down to Charlotte, NC to spend the holiday with my twin sister and her family. They have three kids so all five of them had a blast playing and hanging out together. It was great to spend a few days with everyone! A long drive, yes; but totally worth it!
Getting home put me immediately into full-blown Christmas mode. Since we got home Saturday night, I spent all day Sunday taking down the fall decorations and putting up the Christmas ones. I bought new stocking holders for the kids, plus a matching kitty tree, at HomeGoods...the ones they had were glued together so many times from dropping onto the hearth that I  thought it was time for replacements.

I love the designer of these...Heather Goldminc. She makes the cutest figurals and tea light holders. In fact these are all tea light holders, so I bought flameless ones at Target and they look so cute when lit.
Speaking of  candle-type things, I have recently discovered the joy that is electric tart warmers. Previously I only had a candlelit one...which is fine, but kind of flame, burns out after 4 hours, etc. And I really only knew about Yankee Candle tarts--which are great, but there's a bunch more vendors on ebay and facebook. Good prices, great scents, like Cranberry Corn Muffins, and Spicy Pumpkin Caramel Zucchini Bread. Oh I love bakery scents! Here's my new holiday tart warmer, with a new scent that I can't wait to try from Better Homes and Gardens...

Anyway, my house smells good all the time! I love a nice candle, the dancing flame is so cozy and inviting, so I usually have one of those going as well. Good times!
One more thing about candles...tonight is the first night of Chanukah! I thought it was tomorrow but surprise! Anyway we will light the menorah after dinner, sing some songs, play dreidel and give little gifties. I love this holiday!
Have a great day...hopefully it's better weather where you are!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen, It rained here all day yesterday and I just wanted to stay inside. You have been busy. You bought some great Christmas pretties! I love an electric tart warmer. I use one that Amber had .. she always had a candle burning in her room. I always have some candle wax left in the bottom of the jar after the wick has burned down and I put the leftover wax in my tart warmer. I hate to waste a good scent!

  2. First, Happy Chanukah! And second, I'm hoping you are surviving the snow up there. Are you getting slammed with snow??


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