Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun Little Aprons

I love aprons. I wear them whenever I'm cooking, cleaning, and crafting. Besides keeping my clothes splatter-free and less stray thread-y, they've got handy pockets and they're usually darn cute. You may recall that I made myself this apron awhile back...
The pattern was a freebie from jcaroline, and this is the reversible version. What I didn't say is that it was a prototype for aunts' Christmas presents. Those nosy lovely ladies read my blog, you know. Anyway, now that they've received their aprons I can show you!
I love the retro toasters and patterns on this Cosmo Cricket fabric.
Two of my favorite teapot fabrics. I added a 1930s repro accent fabric that I thought went nicely.
More cute tea the red!
I hope my sisters and sister-in-law enjoy them. They sure are fun to make!
I am excitedly thinking about my next project. I think I'm going to restart work on the 4OT quilt I'm making with 30s repro fabrics. And...aack!...I have to finish my coffee cup quilt! Totally let that one slip for a couple of months. OK, I think I know what I have to do!
Have a great day friends...don't forget to enter the giveaway on my last post! So many entries already, WOW! If you don't happen to win this one, I have several more coming in the months ahead!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen, I love the aprons! The fabrics are great especially the tea print ones :)
    I made my list last night for projects I need to finish this coming year and it is long ....

  2. Your aprons are darling! And so fun!

  3. What cute aprons--and what a lovely job you did in picking out the fabrics to use on each one!!!
    I really need to make me some--I have lots of vintage ones--but hate to use them and most of them are half aprons--I like the full style ones--soooo!!!!
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. Cute! My grandma wears aprons. I should make her one.

  5. I love my new apron!!! Thanks :)


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