Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My constipated goldfish

Bet you've never seen that for a post title, have you? Well it's a funny story. A few days before Halloween, Annabelle asked, "Why is Bubbles floating upside-down?" I was all prepared to give the Bubbles-has-gone-to-the big-fishtank-in-the-sky response. But upon closer examination, he was just hanging out. He would try to right himself, but always go back to being belly-up. He looked fine otherwise...breathing (or whatever fish do), eating, etc. He'd go between being right-side-up and upside-down for a few days. Then on Halloween, while I was in-between answering the door for trick-or-treaters, I thought, you know, you can find anything on the internet. So I did a search for "goldfish floating upside-down" and I found answers. It was either (a), Bubbles had  a problem with his "swim bladder," or (b) he was constipated. Seriously. The suggested cure was to take some frozen peas, soak them in cold water, remove the tough outer layer, mush them up and put them in the bowl. Hey, I had frozen peas, so I tried it. And lo and behold, the next morning there was...uh, evidence that Bubbles wasn't constipated anymore and he looked fine!
Bubbles and Waterfall
This happened the other day too. Got out the peas, and same results. I guess as fish get older their systems slow down. So that's my funny pet story of the day.
Over the weekend, we went down to PA to visit my grandma. It was great, my younger sister, brother-in-law and niece came too, as well as our dad and his girlfriend. I am so glad Kathleen moved further up north...we can see each other so much more often now! The kids loved seeing their cousin.
Mason, Annabelle and Rebecca
Grandma and my dad
BIL Steve and sister Kathleen
Enjoying the spread...including kielbasa, oh YUM!
Kathleen gave me the cutest little stakes for my plants...I'm going to put them in the porch planters. Thanks Kathleen!

By the way, those Pecan Pie Bars I made came out soooooo good! I brought them to Grandma's and everyone really enjoyed them. Easy as pie! Ha ha! Ok, lame joke, I know. Anyway, I forgot to take a picture. I'll make them again for sure!
I've been busy making Christmas gifts...can't really show them yet, but I do have good news...I finished my nephew's quilt! It's bound, labeled, washed and dried! I will take pictures of it and show it on my next post...until then, here's the matching pillow I made.

I quilted the top so when you remove the cover, you won't see any raw seams. Love this throw pillow tutorial, I've made lots of them, with and without trim and piping. Of course I pieced the front, using a block from Miss Rosie's 4OT pattern. But the pillow instructions are from that tutorial.
OK, I'm off...I have a registered mail parcel that I need to pick up...wonder what that is?! Anyway have a good one!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen,
    Love the fish story :) I am glad Bubbles is okay. Looks like you had a great time visiting your family.
    I made the Pecan Pie bars using the recipe and they were delicious and very easy.
    You have been one busy lady. Love the pillow!

  2. Yeah! I made the blog :) Anyway, I loved our visit and still giggled a lot when I read that goldfish story! Those pecan pie bars were YUMMY indeed! Glad you like the stakes, too. Sorry you have to wait a little to use them...but I saw them and immediately thought of you!

  3. LMAO!! Seriously. A constipated fish. Now THAT'S funny. The pillow?? ADORABLE!


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