Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bag sewing time!

I love sewing little zipper bags. They're fun, useful, relatively easy, and you can get really creative. Plus they make great gifts! The two patterns I use are Abby's Treasure Box and Pink Sand Beach Designs Little Glam Bag. These are the Glam bags...

I thought I'd add festive zipper pulls.
 The upper left one from a Whimsy jelly roll, and the other two are from my Lakehouse stash.
 Here are the three Treasure Box bags...this pattern is a bit more work but I love the cute bag shape.
All three use Bliss fabrics from one charm pack. My favorite is the first one I made...
This particular color combination really gets to me. I just love the bright red and clear aqua. Plus all the seams lined up like I knew what I was doing or something.

I made a wallet for my daughter yesterday using fabrics that she picked out from my stash.
This is the third wallet I've made and I think I'm getting the hang of this too! Turning this one inside out is a bugger though. Ugh, that stiff interfacing is very stubborn.
I've still got the itch to make more bags...it's very relaxing! My morning was interesting...I took my car in for a checkup and it needed some unexpected work; lots of $$ and 2-1/2 hours later I was out of there. I went to DD to get a pumpkin muffin and a coffee, and they gave me a gingerbread muffin instead...blecch! It tasted like it had a full bottle of ground ginger in it. Then I went to Christmas Tree Shops and it was absolutely mobbed, so it was not enjoyable. I hate shopping in crowded stores. Oh well, I shouldn't complain over minor issues. I'm going to put on some nice music, get some chores going and enjoy the rest of the day!

Have a good one!

♥ Jen


  1. Love the bags!! And the festive zipper pulls. You are very clever. Bummer about the car. Don't you hate that; unexpected expense. I'm sitting here at work and seeing your bags, I want to go home and SEW!

  2. Jen, The bags are adorable!!! They are really just the cutest. I have the pattern for the Treasure Box bag. I love all the fabrics you used too!

  3. Wow--how pretty!!! You did a beautiful job making all those -- I want to play toooo!! Seems I always have other stuff to do and that I can never just go into the sewing room and just play!!! I love that small wallet too--maybe Santa will bring me one!!!!lol
    Hugs, Di and Gracie sends a "purr"

  4. Your bags turned out very cute. I am planning on making some for the bridesmaids for my daughters wedding and the glam bag pattern might work out perfect. I saw another post where they put a fancy bracelet on the bag for the handle and it looked very glamorous.

  5. Love the bags and the wallet. Just catching up on my blogroll you've been busy!


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