Friday, November 12, 2010

Max's quilt

I love this quilt. My sister (Max's mom) said it well, I think...the fabrics are cute but not girly; sophisticated but not stuffy. I think they are well-suited for a 10-year old boy. The pattern I chose is from Amy Butler, it's her free Lotus Brick Path Quilt. I liked this pattern because it shows off the prints; it's very angular, not frou-frouy; and I had a 1/2-yard bundle of fabric that fit the requirements perfectly. Anyway, I laid it out on my guest room bed, along with the coordinating pillow. Here it is...

I hope you like it. I tried to get a photo of my quilting (with the red/white/blue variegated thread), but there's not much to see when it's in the ditch. Amy suggested this quilting method and I think it worked out well. I considered stippling but thought this was more masculine, if that's possible. I tried to get some pictures of the whole thing at once on my wall...that failed, but at least you can see the backing. I got 5 yards for $2.99/yd of this yummy Roses de Noel fabric from Desperate Quilters. They're sold out of this particular one but there are plenty others.
So that's it. I'm glad it's done and even more glad that I get to give it to my favorite nephew! Love you Max!!
On a side note, I got that comforter and sham set at Target on clearance. I had my eye on it for awhile so when it went on sale I snatched it up! Yaay!

♥ Jen


  1. It is AWESOME Jen! And I have a 1/2 yard bundle of Christmas fabrics. Not that I have time for this year but it would be cute to make up for Amelia for next Christmas. I'll have to read the pattern closely and see if I have enough for it.

  2. Jennifer, it is AWESOME! Max is going to love it. He is your only nephew, isn't he? :)

  3. This quilt is perfect. I really like the pattern. I have fabric waiting to do a quilt for my grandson. I have not started because the patterns I was considering seemed like more work than I would like to do at this time. I am goig to check the pattern out that you mentioned in your post and see if it will work for me. I would love to give him this for Christmas, if not then soon after. Your work is so great, as usual.

  4. Oh my gosh. I love this quilt! The fabric is fabulous.


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