Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I've been doing

There's a taste of fall in the air, do you feel it too? Not that it's cold out...but the leaves are giving a hint of change, the days are a bit shorter, the goldenrod is blooming, and the monarchs are out in full force. Aah! I knew it would begin one of these days!
I've been working on my stitchery from way back here. Don't laugh at how long it's taken me, okay? Just don't. But the point is it's almost DONE! I promised myself I wouldn't show it anymore until it's completed, but I can't help myself. See? I'm sewing the binding on. And you didn't believe me.

I'm in love with that red floral fabric. It's from Hobby Lobby, one of their exclusive prints. The quality seems excellent.
Ok, so that's it til it's really done. Just wanted to show that I am in fact making some progress.
Random thought: One of the things that's been great about this summer is all the birds coming to our feeders. Dave planted a bunch of hummingbird-friendly plants and we see them everyday now. We also get a lot of goldfinches, like this cutie-pie...

And these sparrows having a nosh...

So back to autumn approaching. What are you looking forward to? For me, it's cool weather, leaves turning, apple and pumpkin picking, cozy sweaters and low humidity. Oh, and candles! I've already gotten a head start on that...

The one on the left is my all-time favorite scent. It smells exactly like Yankee Candle's Home Sweet HOme. So whichever one is on sale, I buy. The one on the right is Glade's Country Spice. The candle snob in me was surprised at how yummy it smells.

♥ Jen


  1. Well--whatever it is that you showed us--that you did not want to show us again--is really pretty--can't wait to see the whole thing!!!!
    and I love the bird pictures---I miss having bird feeders here--am thinking about trying a finch feeder once the ac is out of the window!!!
    You had to be the first to mention Fall--now it has "permission" to come on full force and do it's thing!!!! I was just saying that I think it will come early this year--my black eyed susans are fading away really early--they usually stay blooming until Oct--but not sure they will even last until the end of August this year?????
    be good--hugs, Di

  2. I'm ready for Fall too. It's nice and cool this morning. Windows are open to let in the fresh air. Can't wait to see your project when it's all done.

  3. I'm proud to report that I feel Fall in the air too (and it's only August!). Ah, I love the North.....

    Your project is great--and I, for one, never tire of seeing your beautiful details.

    Rebecca still talks about your bird feeders and the birds. So awesome.

  4. Love the sneakers! Yes, when I drove to work today I thought fall is coming. I better get a pic of my hollyhocks. One of these days soon I'll wake up and a frost will have hit.

  5. Oh I am SO ready for fall! I can't wait for the first time we need to get a fire going in the living room. That's always so cozy. Your quilt is looking gorgeous, I love that red fabric too! x


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