Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feeling left out

Mason had been having trouble seeing the clock and things that were far away, so he tried on Annabelle's glasses and he could see much better. So I made the brilliant conclusion that he needed glasses. He went to the eye doctor last week and it was determined that he could use a relatively mild prescription. We ordered glasses and today we picked them up!

I am now totally jealous. Dave wears glasses/contacts, Annabelle's worn glasses since 2nd grade, and now Mason. OK when is it my turn? I've wanted glasses since my twin sister got them in 5th grade. That was many years a while ago! I just think they are so cool and I look halfway smart in them. LOL Anyway Mason is excited. We got transitions lenses in them so they turn into sunglasses outside. Here's a picture with a cute little dimple...

I wrote last time that we were going to the zoo. It was great, our zoo is a good size but not too big. We can see most everything in one trip. The penguin exhibit is awesome. Annabelle made a friend...

And Mason kept moving his head back and forth while this penguin copied his every move...

They even rode a tiger! (Don't worry, it's fake)

The peacocks were strutting around...(sorry about the glare)

Last but not least, two cuddly lions.


I told you we went swimming at Green are a few pictures from then. Mason loves to get buried in the sand...

Here are the kids and Dave swimming...way out there...

And a pretty view of the lake.

It's been hot as heck here lately...I did spend several hours ironing though for some reason. I washed all the kids curtains, so then I had to iron them. I'm just glad it's done and they're back up where they belong!

Take care my friends!

♥ Jen


  1. HEY--jen--don't worry your day will come--mine did around the age of 40 something or later--but I still only wear them for sewing (up close) or for traveling (far away)--but otherwise I don't need them!!!!!
    Looks like some fun family time!!!
    Is this "heat" something or what?????
    You did not miss a "post" about me getting a cat---Monday was the first I said anything to any one that I had finally made the move to get one---story will be on over the week end sometime!!!
    Hugs Di

  2. Jen,
    Your day will come. I had surgery for near-sightedness years ago and I was told then that once I got older I would be like most people and need reading glasses. Well after all these years of not wearing glasses I wear my Dollar Tree reading glasses to sew!
    Your children are adorable and looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. I've been wearing glasses since I was Annebelle's age. Sometimes I find them to be a pain, sometimes not. It all depends on my mood! Looks like you're enjoying the last of summer. Even if it is blazing hot!


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