Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying to keep cool

This heat is awful. I cannot tolerate it one little bit. It's been 95+ for the whole week and humid to boot. Thank goodness for air conditioning, but there are times one has to be outside. A and M both have swimming lessons at the high school pool, then she has softball camp in the afternoons. In the brutal p.m. I'm grumpy, lethargic and unmotiviated. Hmmph! Man I hope it cools off soon.
I did make June's block for my coffee cup quilt. A little backwards, but now I'm all caught up. It looks crooked in the picture, but it's actually not.

I like how the striped fabric is a little kind of blends into the background but I like that every now and then. I like the summertime-ness of this block. A not-too-hot, pleasant summertime. Not that I know what that feels like.
Ok, you don't want to hear me whine anymore (I don't even want to hear it), so I'll go for now. Stay cool all!

♥ Jen


  1. Oh sister. I HEAR ya on the heat, humidity and just down right HOT. I hate being outside myself. YUCK!

    Your block is way too cute!

  2. I LOVE how this is turning out! Bummer about the heat.. so sorry. We're having a bit of a cool spell. But it will heat back up for sure.

  3. p.s. feel free to whine.. I do it all the time.

  4. I do believe we are all whinning right now!!!
    But hey--we will be whinning when it's 20 degrees and blowing and icy---I think we just like to "whine"--it's something "cheap" and something we can all do!!!!
    Love your new cup block--am waiting to see it all done!!!
    Love your new blog background too!!
    Hugs, keep cool---Di

  5. You better believe I feel the same way! 2/3 of the Galazin sisters are affected this way by the heat.... I love your June coffee block. The stripes are unexpected and great! You are so talented! Keep cool and I'll try too.

  6. Jennifer I love this tea block! Please post it to the tea group and the july one also. I am sure that everyone in the group has wondered what happened to you!


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