Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recent retailing

Hi everyone! Thanks for listening to me complain in my last post. Things are looking's still hot but not humid (until tomorrow anyway), so I feel like I can BREATHE. Swimming and softball are over so there won't be much rushing around this week. Yaay!

I've done a little retail therapy lately. Yesterday I went out (by myself!) to Hobby Lobby and Christmas Tree Shops. I got a few goodies at my first stop.

I love that piece of homespun, and it was less than a buck. Nice jumbo rick rack too! I've never seen flowered rick rack before, have you? I had to get some. I also got this adorable fall pumpkin. I know, it's early for fall but decorations were 50% off. And believe it or not, Christmas decor is coming out! So buying one piece for fall didn't seem that bad. :-)

Matches the table runner!

Then at Christmas Tree Shops I got some great stuff. This basket for Annabelle's room...

And a couple of these placemats too ($1.29 each)...

Aren't these glass jars adorable? A buck!

I love these little wooden apple bowl fillers...three dollars for two bags. I'm telling you, the prices at this store are incredible.

This pillow is for the guest room...isn't the cross-stitching so pretty? $9.99!

I got my wonderful order from Miss Sharon yesterday. Have you checked out her website yet, Daisy Cottage Quilting? Great, great stuff. I got the CUTEST fabric from her...I love these two lines, Early Bird and Flower Sugar. Also a really pretty book and stork-shaped embroidery scissors.

These little toasters kill me!

We're going to bbq some chicken tonight and enjoy the last day of somewhat decent temperatures before it gets hot again this week. I hope everyone is having a great day!

♥ Jen


  1. I was really enjoying your post right down til the last sentence---are we in for really "hot" weather????
    Love all you little treasures--sewing and non sewing ones!!!
    and if I can buy fall fabric you can buy fall decorations!!!!!
    Have a great week
    Hugs, Di

  2. Looks like I need to get to Christmas Tree Shop! AND those scissors from Sharon!! Hopefully she'll have them when I get back from vacation so that I can get those plus some Flower Sugar fabric!

  3. I love those toasters...and the apples...and, okay! EVERYTHING. Can't wait to visit and take a trip to Christmas Tree Shops :)

  4. I was in Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and was amazed that their fall stuff was already 50%-60% off and the Christmas stuff was out. I think that's a little ridiculous. By the time I get ready to decorate for either fall or Christmas, everything will be gone.
    Love all you purchases. I think my favorite is the xstitch pillow.

  5. Looks like a fun day of shopping. We had a few days in the 90's here. Of course on of the days was the day of my son's wedding. We have sun and a nice breeze today. I don't think we saw the sun all spring so when there is sun we enjoy. Thanks for sharing your great finds.

  6. I have that fabric and I've been thinking of it and wondering what I can make.


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