Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family and Shopping

Hello my friends! How have you been? It seems like my posts are becoming a weekly thing. I think once the school year begins I'll get back into blogging more often. It's just been quite busy! My sister Kathleen and her daughter came for 4 days last week...we had such a great time! The kids loved having their cousin and Auntie here. We spent one day at the lake, one rainy day shopping, and lots of time playing and hanging out.

Kathleen brought me these cute little gifties...that cinnamon bun candle smells soooo good! And it's in a real mini cast-iron skillet. The Welcome Friends figure fits in perfectly with my house....she knows me very well!

One of the things on our to-do list was to go to Christmas Tree Shops. Kathleen had seen this post and got a hankering to do some shopping. I got some cute autumn items...

And some farmstyle metal baskets...

I love this sign, I hung it up in my kitchen...

This next one wasn't a CTS purchase, but I have to show it to you anyway...Cath Kidston stickers and labels! Squeal! Oh they are so cute. If you're interested, I got it on Amazon.

Annabelle and Mason started swimming lessons again this week, so we have that in the mornings, but besides that we are taking it easy. Playdates and stuff but at a slow pace. Aaah! It's nice!

♥ Jen


  1. Love your new blog background!!!
    Glad to hear your sister and niece where there for a visit and that everyone had fun--that is what summer is all about---fun!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  2. Lovin' the strawberry look to your blog. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  3. It was so so much fun.Such good times with all of you. Rebecca asks about Annabelle and Mason every day! And I love the stuff we got at CTS and our mall excursion. We miss you so much.....I'm so glad we are so much closer to you now!


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