Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting by

Hi friends! How is everyone? How was Mother's Day and the weekend? I told you I was going to visit my grandmother on Saturday...it was really nice. My dad was there, aunt and uncle, and a few cousins. We had a yummy lunch (with kielbasa...DELICIOUS kielbasa!) and had a fun visit. Grandmas' doing well...she's 91 and still has lots of energy. Truly one of the best people I know!

Ok, you got me. This picture is a year and a half old. I forgot to take pictures this time!

On Sunday, Mother's Day, the kids and Dave gave me really nice cards and stuff they made in school (well, Annabelle and Mason, of course). Annabelle's was so funny...she made a poem in school, where she had to think of three adjectives/verbs to describe me. The ones she chose were Caring, Shopping, and Sleeping. Ok, I can see the first two, but sleeping?! I'm always up at 6 and I go to bed at 10 at the earliest. She said she thought, well, everyone sleeps! LOL So later that day we did a little shopping and I came home and took a nap. I figured I might as well since I had the rep anyway! I wonder what her teacher thought?


Yesterday we got a weeping crabapple tree planted in one of the new beds in front of the walkway. It's got pretty little pink flowers on it...well, it did, it's "past peak" now. But here's what one looks like...
We've had frost the past few nights so annuals will have to wait to be planted. Can you believe that we had SNOW on Mother's Day? Crazy. It didn't stick but it was cold and windy...usually we go to a cute little lake town on Mother's Day called Skaneateles. We walk around, have lunch, etc. Not this year!


I have a "migraine hangover" today. I get migraines occasionally, only about 1 to 2 times a year. The aura/headache are no picnic, plus the next day I feel like I have an actual hungover. Only without the fun of the party the night before. I'm trying to work through it though.

Sears called, my sewing machine needs a new "PCB board," whatever the heck that is. It's going to cost $70 to fix. Oh well, it's got to be done! Can't wait to get Bitsy back, I miss her!

All right, time to get something to eat and do some weeding or such. Have a wonderful day!

♥ Jen


  1. I am glad you are feeling better. I sometimes have migraines ... hate them!!! Take another nap :) Kids are too funny!
    Snow on Mother's Day! I am going outside to plant my periwinkles for summer. I hope all of our cold weather is gone!

  2. We had the same weather on Mother's Day. Well, no snow but it was COLD. We're in a cold spell all week. I can't believe early last week, we were using the AC in the house and now the heat's back on! Gotta love that kielbasa! Sometimes I feel like I have kielbasa running through my veins; being Polish and all. ;)


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