Monday, May 17, 2010

Chocolate brown

Mmmmm! Just pulled these Ghiradelli brownies out of the oven...they smell soooo good! Double chocolate!

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was very busy, but fun! Dave and I did a ton of gardening both days, adding new plants and putting down chocolate brown mulch. We finally found some furniture for the front porch...also chocolate brown! Here are some pictures of our handiwork.

Very comfy resin wicker...Dave found them at Home Depot. Rock on!

Weeping Crabapple tree

We still have a lot of mulching to do...both sides of the house, the other front bed, and a bed in the back...but we'll get that done during the week. You can see the big pile we still have by the garage. I do love the smell of fresh mulch! Then in a week or two we'll get our annuals in pots and such. Ahh, Spring!

Annabelle had three friends over on Saturday...they all stayed for dinner and two stayed overnight. Well, one did, the other girl got homesick around 10 pm so she had to get picked up. Luckily they included Mason and Julia (friend from across the street) in all their activities so they all had a good time. Annabelle and Mason were both exhausted yesterday though!

I'm hopeful that Bitsy will be back this week...Annabelle's fabrics will be coming in so I'm EXTRA excited to start sewing again. I think her quilt will be super cute! I can't wait to get started!

Have a great day!

♥ Jen


  1. Oh my, I can smell those brownies all the way here. LOL They look yummy. Your garden is lovely and I never thought to use chocolate colored mulch. I bought the red one this year. Last year, I bought black and was not happy with it but I would love to try that brown, so pretty and your new furniture is gorgeous. Enjoy!!!

  2. Sitting on the front porch is fun. I love my porch.

  3. I wasn't the biggest fan of brown until recently. I love those dark prim colors :)

    Great work on everything. Love the new porch furniture :)

    Ohh...I can't wait to see this quilt you're working on for your daughter. Today, I thought maybe it was time to work another quilt. The clothing refashions are getting tiring. I think I need a break!

    Have a great evening :)


  4. I love how the yard is coming---I also most got a brown wicker set for my living room over the week end--but -- something stopped me--still unsure about a "move" in my future--so!!!
    I love those brownies---Yum--I will be up for tea and brownies in the morning!!!( if I start walking now--I just might be there in time!!!)
    Hugs, Di

  5. Your curb appeal is just awesome! I wish my outside was equally as pretty. I finally convinced my husband that our lawn looks PITIFUL so he harley-raked it on Sunday and spread some new grass seed. Let's hope that does the trick!

  6. Your yard is looking gorgeous! I love fresh mulch too. We put ours out a couple of weeks ago.
    Could you please send me a brownie please? I need some chocolate :)


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