Friday, February 26, 2010

Allrighty then!

We got hit with this storm...18 inches of snow from yesterday until this morning. School's been cancelled the past two days so I've been in kid-mode since then! The guy who plows our driveway didn't bother to show up until 8:30 am today, even after a few nagging curious phone calls, so Dave and I got stuck shoveling out a path for him to get to work. The town plow had just come by so there was a WALL of snow at the foot of the driveway. I think my arms will hurt until June 1st. Anyway, later the kids and I went to the store and then played in the snow. We got inside a little while ago, and while the kids are winding down with Spongebob, I thought I'd check in.
I do have some fun news...I won PamKittyMorning's giveaway! Alex Anderson had given her a few goodies to give away on her blog, and randomly I won. I never EVER win blog contests! I was so excited (still am)! My loot came in the mail yesterday...

I love this pattern, isn't it so cute? And the 4-in-1 sewing tool is awesome. One of those things that I wouldn't buy for myself but will really come in handy. Thanks Pam! You're a peach!
I hope everyone has a fun weekend! I am so tired right now that I can't even think of it yet. Hopefully I'll get a second wind! Take care!

♥ Jen


  1. That snow must be just amazing over there , hope your arms recover after someone else helps with the housework that is .

  2. I know the snow is beautiful... of course I can say that living in the South!
    Your goodies are great!


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