Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wrapping things up

Whew! I'm done (for now)! This morning, I got out my wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons, etc. and did this:

I love wrapping gifts, always have. I remember growing up, my sisters and I would take great care in picking out just the right papers and tags at the Hallmark store every Christmas. Now, I gather all the presents for family members who live far away, put on some carols, brew some coffee, and have some fun!

It took me almost four hours, believe it or not. That included organizing, packaging, wrapping, tags, cleanup, etc. Now I have to find some boxes and packing material. Plus the Christmas cards I ordered from Shutterfly came in the other day, so I need to address those. And I'm the room mother in charge of Mason's holiday party at to get that organized. Plus cookies, more wrapping, a party or's definitely looking a lot like Christmas.

In the guest room above, I made a little ornament display that just matches it so well...I tried to take a picture but the flash reflected really badly...anyway here it is...

Well, it doesn't look so great in the photo, does it? It does look nice in real life, I swear! ☀

Tonight the kids are getting their second H1N1 vaccine at the school. I'm bribing them with McDonald's after. LOL Hey it works!

Have a good one peoples!

♥  Jen


  1. WOW look at you! I love seeing all the wrapped gifts sitting there. It doesn't matter what's inside because the packaging is sooo pretty.

  2. Beautiful packages! You are so "on top" of everything! I have not bought one thing this year. Maybe next week I will begin shopping..I usually have everything done by now. I am so far behind.


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