Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This and That

Hi everyone! Oooh, it's a cold and snowy day...

We're supposed to get 2-4 inches throughout the it's very cold and blowy. But this will be pretty much it before Christmas, they're saying. Good for travel, not so good for a white Christmas! Anyway the kids were happy to shovel the driveway while waiting for the school bus...

Annabelle didn't want her picture taken but I did anyway...

The snow was so light we had the whole driveway cleared in no time. Our plow guy comes if it's 3 inches or more...he's only been here once so far this season! Very strange for Syracuse!

It's getting happily crowded under the tree. I love that packages are being delivered nearly every day!

And I  got another Mary Englebreit ornament...this time only 79 cents!

The kitties looove to sleep under the tree...especially when the sun's coming in the patio door!

These were taken pre-presents. See the tripod behind them? That's to block the tree skirt opening. They like to drink the water. Does it work in deterring them? Not really!

Here are a few of my favorite little snowmen guys..they're so glittery and cute!

And I got these big glass containers at Target yesterday. I make oatmeal a lot so it's nice to have the fixins out on the counter at all times.

So today I'm doing indoor stuff...wrapping more presents, cleaning, laundry, etc. Before I forget, my son's been reading this blog and says that I'm using "LOL" too much...I think this has been an LOL-free post...Mason, am I right?

I hope you all enjoy your day and keep nice and warm!

♥ Jen

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