Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet Treats

Happy Wednesday! It's a wintry one here, like in a lot of the U.S....we had about 3 inches or so of snow overnight, which changed over to sleet just in time for the morning commute. Lovely! But Dave got to work safely, and the kids got off on the bus fine. Here in Syracuse, it takes a *lot* of snow or ice for school to be cancelled. The plows and salt trucks really do a great job.

So since the roads were ok, I packed up two big boxes of gifts and sent them off at the Post Office. One or two more to go! Now it's time for...

I had two sad looking bananas sitting in my fruit bowl, so I decided to try a new recipe for Oatmeal Banana  Nut Bread from Left out the nuts in the hopes that the kids try it, at least. Nuts would really deter them.

Mashed bananas, what a pretty picture, huh? LOL

Love the lemon-y yellow color of the sugar and eggs...

And here it is, ready to go in the oven...

There! Now we get to wait for 50 minutes. Hmmm, what to do until then? I know! I'll show you a few of my favorite ornaments on the tree. As I've said a lot, I'm a big fan of Gooseberry Patch. They used to come out with ornaments every year, but they haven't in a few. But I did get these about 2 Christmases ago...

Aren't they adorable? So when I was in Michael's yesterday, I saw Mary Englebreit ornaments that have the same sort of vibe, and they are 50% off...I got this one for $1!

DING! Banana bread's ready...

Mmmm, smells good. Gonna go make some coffee to go with it. Have a great day everyone!
♥ Jen

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  1. Oh I love the pictures. The ornaments are darling. I want some of that!


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