Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabric time

My Fat Quarter Shop order arrived on Monday! Don't you just love how they package their fabrics? Everything's folded so nice and neatly, and no matter what combination of fabrics you get, they all look so good together.
I got all of these yard cuts on sale!
from Aneela Hooey
Lakehouse ~ can't get enough!
...and more Lakehouse...
...and more...
...and more!

These next three are only 1/2-yard cuts. The first two are from Lynette Anderson, and the last one is from a line called "Dear Mr. Claus." These were all full price, but I had to have them!
Whoopsie, the red one is upside-down! Sorry!
This is my favorite. I usually love anything Cosmo Cricket!
The kids and I took the cats to the vet yesterday for their check-ups. They got great reports! I always worry about them drinking enough water though. Cats are known for not getting as much as they should, which strains their kidneys. The vet suggested a water fountain, so we got them this at PetSmart...
Both have drank from it already, so hopefully it will work out well!
Annabelle loves Hol!
Have a great day, all!
♥ Jen


  1. Jen,
    Love your fabrics and I do have some of the Lakehouse :) I have never seen a water fountain for cats. I have one that would play in it constantly and I thought cats didn't like water!
    Annabelle is adorable with kitty!

  2. Your fabrics are so pretty. Nice choices.

  3. You picked some pretty ones! One of our cats loves to splash in the water bowl. I can just see the mess she would leave me with a water fountain!

  4. cute fabrics! I love the snowmen. As always, I love reading your posts.


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