Thursday, March 15, 2012

A bit of sunshine

Hello, it's me! How is everyone doing? Are you experiencing nice, warm weather in your neck of the woods? We've been setting record highs in Central New it's supposed to be 74. Unbelievable, but I'm not complaining! The sun is out, the bulbs are coming up, and the birds are singing. It's so nice to have the windows open in March. Love it!
I'm starting a new Block of the Month, albeit a bit late. It's a free one from Shabby Fabrics, and I just love it. I picked up a few supplies at Joann's this morning, like fusible web and ric-rac. Here are the fabrics I picked out from my stash for January's block.
I have all the background squares cut out. I'm using a white with yellow polka dots from Pam Kitty Morning. I bought it from Desperate Quilters, one of my favorite online fabric stores.

Have you done any spring decorating? I have a few things out, but I did get two more items at TJ Maxx today. Isn't this little pitcher cute? I can picture a few blooms from the garden in this, on a side table.
I also got this great watering can. I could not resist the vintage-y pattern.
And I put some artificial Easter eggs in my cute little bird cloche.
You know how I love to melt wax tarts...well, one of my favorite vendors, Carol from Candles from the Keeping Room, sends these sweet bunny tarts out as samples with springtime orders. I don't know how I'm going to melt them, they're just so adorable!
St. Patrick's Day is this weekend! Do you have any big plans? We're going to the annual Maple Festival's not very St. Paddy's Day-ish, but what can you do. We'll have corned beef and cole slaw sandwiches for dinner. No one in my family likes corned beef and cabbage except for me, so this is a good compromise!
Next week I'll have my review of Simple Shortcut Recipes, along with a giveaway. Please come visit me again!

♥ Jen


  1. Nice to see you back, Jen. Can't wait to see your little houses. I debated doing that BOM but I just can't keep up with everything. I'm going to be doing the FQS "Vintage Modern" BOM once it starts so that's it for me. no plans for St. Paddy's Day. It's not a holiday we tend to celebrate. :)

  2. I was about to email you and see if you were ok! I have printed out the BOM to make also. I think it is so cute! I can't wait to see yours! Those little bunnies are the cutest ... I couldn't melt them either. Your cloche and your finds are so springy! Glad to see you post!

  3. I love your plan and those bunny candles are just plain beyond cute!!!!
    I did the first cottage block--but have only collected the next two!!!
    love your spring things too--and no I can not believe this weather==it is too soon, I am not ready for hot weather yet!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  4. I can't wait to see it. I love that you're using my fav dot. I love that piece so much and am hoarding mine for fear of running out!

  5. Jen, it's so good to hear you're doing okay. You had all of us worried! ;-)

    I love your spring decos...I should visit TJMaxx here and see what I can find to cheer this house up.

    Look forward to seeing your new projects.

    As for St. Pat's, we will watch the parade here in town early in the afternoon and then go to our friends' house for a post-parade party. Should be fun and the weather will be nice.

    Carol (NJ)


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