Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New fabrics and other fun stuff

We're getting ready for another hot few days, how about you? Ugh! I'm prepared to turn on the A/C, and I am grateful to have it...but still, there's nothing like a day in the 70s with nights in the 50s. That's the perfect summer weather to me! Anyway stay cool to all my hot friends!
My Desperate Quilters order arrived today, yaay!
Hol likes them too!
These are all fabrics for Mason's Wee Folks quilt. I've been wanting to sew for the past couple of days really bad, but everything's on hold. So I'm going to wash these quick, press them and get to cutting!
I've been  really into wax tarts lately. Of course I started with Yankee Candle's, for many years they were the gold standard for me. But then I discovered an entire world of small-batch, highly-scented, cheaper and stronger tarts online. It's so fun to pick out a new tart or two to melt each day. Check these out!
Yes, these are wax! And they smell sooooo good. These particular ones are from Koko Botanica, but I get tarts (mostly in cups/scallops) from many other places. Anyway just wanted to share my latest obsession with you! If you want more info or want to chat about tarts, let me know!
I've got the famous Pulled Pork in the crockpot today, and I'm going to make Cucumber Tomato Salad to go with it. Seems like a good day to keep the oven off! Have a good one folks!

♥ Jen


  1. Hey there Jen! Stay cool! I think we're having the same weather! 88'F today but tomorrow and Thursday... up to 100'F! I have been enjoying the cooler night temps too but I think they are coming to an end for a couple of days. Those tarts are so cute! I wished I burned candles but I forget I'm burning them and have left the house with open flames going so my Fireman husband has banned me from using them! I do light them on occasion but not enough.

  2. Jen,
    We have had temps near 100 and high humidity ... it is miserable when you have breathing problems on top of it.
    Love the new fabric to complete Mason's quilt. Now you can quilt :)
    I love candles ... Amber always had one burning! There is a huge container of candles and tarts in her closet ... got one burning right now.
    Your dinner sounds yummy!
    Have a good day!

  3. Those tarts are adorable!! I've never tried those before - may have to give them a try!! : )

    It's been 90+ every day for 13 days now. UGH. Ready for some cooler days! Our ac keeps freezing up - not good!! 70's days & 50's nights sounds PERFECT to me, too!

    Hope you have a great week!

    Aimee @ justkiddingaroundatlanta.blogspot.com

  4. You are gaining new recruits for tarts :) Hooray! Love that fabric and I haven't had a chance to say, I LOVE MASON'S NEW QUILT! So cute and SO Mason....

  5. Haven't tried the scented tarts yet but they sound really nice. The forecast for tomorrow is 95 degrees so stay in and stay cool. I'll be cowering in my air conditioning.

  6. Hi there girl friend--you are a busy little gal these days by the looks of the posts that I had missed--everything looks so lovely!!! Wished my 'mess' was done with so I could be creative once again--but once again this week is busy with something going on every day--but Friday!!!
    even Saturday--2 knitting classes and Sunday a quilt class--oh dear!!!
    Yes keep cool--will be warm here too they say--my a/c is ready to go to work though!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie


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