Monday, June 27, 2011

Cute little stitchery

One of the things I look forward to most about completing a quilt is doing some handwork right after. It's so nice and relaxing, don't you think? I love embroidery. Recently I got a sweet stitchery pattern from Sharon at Daisy Cottage Quilting, so I worked on that...
It was simple as could be...the stamped muslin even came with it, so no tracing! I backed the stitching with a piece of cotton batting (a tip I got from Di). When I was done and trying to figure out what to do with it, I realized that I hadn't made Mason a pillow cover to match the new quilt. So I added a few leftover fabrics from his quilt and put together this 15" square pillow.
This is the backing fabric. It's one of my all-time favorites from Darlene Zimmerman. I didn't have enough of it to use in the quilt but it worked out perfectly for the pillow back.
You may have already noticed from the pictures...but I learned with this project that not all embroidery floss is colorfast. The brownish-black I used for the sheeps' faces and legs is a non-DMC brand; it says it's colorfast but it is NOT. I found this out when pressing it with a damp press cloth. I tried lots of things to get the dye off the muslin, short of bleach (which scared me), so I colored in the big sheep's face a bit with some pink crayon, to make it look like blush. It really annoyed me but now I guess I know for next time! Oh well. Sheep aren't known for being the cleanest animals, right?

Anyway, talk to you all later!

♥ Jen


  1. Good fix, Jen. Your stitchery is very cute and I like how you made it into a pillow.

  2. Mason is a blessed young man having a mom like you. My kids have always cherished what I made for them. Great fix for a crisis with that stitchery!

  3. oh my--what 'brand' bleed????
    would you believe that all I have had on my mind tonight is emb floss!!! I just got the 'whole' line of cosmos in--434 colors--and at a great price--but can not decide how to organize or store it and I am surprised that there is very little on the market for them--just the cards to wrap them on and I really don't and won't use that method--so the search goes on--
    OH by the way---I just love that stitchery--
    and I love sheep--and yes kitties!!!
    Hugs, Di and her kitty cat

  4. Jen,
    This is the cutest stitchery! I wouldn't have noticed the "bleed" if you hadn't brought it to my attention. It is a cute pillow!

  5. Jen, just found you via Roxanne's... I love that little stitchery, I have done it too but haven't made it into anything yet.. Sheep have all sorts of colored faces! so don't worry. It's sad that the colors bled though..

  6. The stitchery is so cute. I had some red embroidery floss bleed recently. I was able to remove most of it but it is frustrating. You came up with a great fix and the pillow is perfect. You are right, sheep are not known to be the cleanest animals.


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