Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sitting room

Good morning! Hold onto your hats...the SUN is shining today! It's been awhile around here. It's chilly but I don't care! The rain has been unreal. It's nice to see that the sun does still shine every so often.
Check out this little pillow I made the other day!
It's a cutie, don't you think? The pattern couldn't be's from an old issue of Quilts and More. It took maybe an hour. Of course I didn't make a patchwork center, I cheated and used one print. The main fabric is from French General, and the dot is from Robyn Pandolph.
Since there's some natural light today I thought I'd take a few pictures of my newly updated sitting room. If you recall we've been waiting and waiting for a perennially-backordered chair. It finally arrived yesterday. I think it was worth the wait...the colors really go well in this room, and it's comfy.
Ok, now I'm going to get out and enjoy the day...I hope you do too!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen,
    So pretty! I love your sitting room with the new chair. Your pillow is adorable. The sun is shining here today too! I am on my way outside to plant flowers!

  2. Your room looks like such a peaceful place. The little pillow is very pretty.

  3. That's a rockin' chair! I love it and I love the pillow. I think I may follow your lead and make one (or two) with my leftover Darla fabrics to match my Vintage Summertime pinwheel quilt (which isn't quilted yet).

  4. Lovely photos. Your blog is always a delight to me.


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