Thursday, May 26, 2011

Contest redo and happenings

Hey all! How are you? Gosh it's been over a week since my last post, huh? Sorry about that! First things first...the winner of "101 Easy Everyday Recipes" never got in touch with me...why I'm not  sure, I emailed her twice, but oh well. Good news for you, I will hold a second-chance drawing. Comment on this post if you'd like to win the cookbook. I'm not going to draw from the old list because I want to make sure a regular reader gets it. Enough of this "hit and run" commenting. LOL I'll pick a new winner on Sunday, okay?
I have been working on Mason's quilt, so I have something to show! I'm using a layer cake of Wee Folks by Moda, it's such a cute line!
I got a book of layer cake patterns out of the library, but honestly nothing seemed to float my boat. Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts had an awesome tutorial though...not necessarily for layer cakes, but I adapted it. She named the pattern "Easy as Pie," which is always what I'm looking for. Don't tell the Quilt Police....and you know they're out there.
Anyway, here's one row I made...I love the little gnomes!
All I did was slice the 10" squares in half. I took a few of those rectangles and cut them in half again. At the start or end of each row, there's one of these quarter pieces. So now none of the seams have to match. Brilliant! Should be done in no time. SHOULD be. I still  have to get backing fabric for Rose's quilt...I'm kind of putting that on hold until I need to back this one. I figure I can order for both at once.
Today is my cats' birthday! They are three years old. Annabelle made them each a toy which they love.
I got them a new scratching post at Walmart today. Thinking of baking a cake too. I've got a hankering. LOL Take care buds!

♥ Jen


  1. Yes, yes. Count me in again. Lovin' the Wee Folks. We're headed to NH for an overnight getaway on Saturday and I'm hitting 2 new to me quilt shops. Wee Folks is on my list. I hope to find some to make a tote bag with for myself. Love your adaption of Easy As Pie. Very nice!

  2. Jen,
    I would love to win the cookbook! I love the Wee Folks fabric is the cutest!
    Happy B'day to your furbaby.

  3. Such a fun quilt. Mason is very fortunate to be getting it. I'm crossing my fingers for the awesome cookbook.

  4. Thanks for offering the cookbook again :-) Very cute fabric.

  5. Count me in for a chance to win the cookbook. And not having to match seams is a pleasant relief from the drive we quilters have to do perfect work.

  6. Love the gnome fabric....! ...and Easy as Pie does it for me as well.....! why make something harder than it needs to be.... :)

  7. Please enter me in the drawing for the cookbook. Sometimes you just have to do something easy just to get yourself back in the groove! I love your gnome fabrics too. What kind of cake did you end up making?

  8. I love the quilt. As always, I'm impressed with your talent.
    You know I'd love to win another cookbook :)
    Thanks for offering one again.

  9. I'm a new reader so you don't have to count me, but I did already have your site bookmarked so that I could come back! :)

    Love the colors of the quilt--so bright and cheerful!

    guileys at bellsouth dot net

  10. I enjoy your blog-try to check every day. I would enjoy the cook book.

    slmartin at vtc dot net

  11. Put me in for the cookbook drawing. Your quilts are always so nice. Wish I had time and knew how to quilt.

  12. OOPS! typed email address wrong.


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