Friday, January 21, 2011

Moving right along

Hey guess what? I finished the quilt top! *happy happy joy joy*! As you can see, the sashing and borders are nothing fancy. But, you have to remember that although the block pattern came from Pam, I figured out the other parts by myself. And that involved lots of math. So I'm just happy it's all sewn together in an approximate rectangle!
Now I have to figure out what to use for the back. The quilt is about 72" x 50-something", so I'll have to get about 5 yds. of backing. I'm thinking about piecing one, and just using fabrics from my stash. I've never done that before, I usually use one lone print. OK, I'll try it!
Is it supposed to  be cold where you live this weekend? Oh man, here it is. They're saying in the negative degrees at night, and that's not windchill. I'm wondering if the kids will have school on Monday, Sunday night is supposed to be -15! They've canceled school before due to cold. Now that's Arctic.
Ok friends o'mine, I'm off...have a great weekend! Stay warm!

♥ Jen


  1. Jen, it's beautiful! I love pieced backs for quilts.
    I hope it warms up there soon. We finally have sunshine here today!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. OHMYGOSH I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. Seriously, its better than I ever could have imagined!!!! I will set up a blog post about it for tomorrow so my people can see it all in it's glory!! Thank you so much, this has completely made my YEAR!!!

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  4. MATH!?!! You just don't do a matchy-matchy eyeball kinda thing like I do?? LMAO!! Your top is lovely, Jen. Great job! We too will have the artic cold, starting tomorrow. No school today due to snow - which has stopped and now the sun is out. I hope to get into my sewing room today too!

  5. It is bitter cold here and we have about the same forecast for the temps as you do--ouch--good thing we have quilts to work on to keep us warm!!!
    Your mug quilt is coming right along--way to go!!
    Hugs,di and a sleepy miss gracie

  6. Hi Jen! Its nice to meet you! I read about your cute quilt top on Pam's blog so thought I'd pay you a visit. Love, love, love this quilt! A pieced top would work well with this, I'd think.

    It is very cold here also... -0 last PM and 4 this AM. BRRR!

    Take care and keep warm!


  7. I love your quilt of course! Your work is inspiring and I have not visited Pam's blog for a while so I will head over there. It has been wet and almost warm during the day here but chilly at night, the dampness all of the time makes it feel colder. Stay warm.

  8. Oh Jen! Adorable! I love your coffee quilt! And I think you are going to need a quilt according to the weather people! Stay cozy and warm! I too was inspired by Pam last summer and made the 4 patch come around for coffee. It was sent away to Seattle this Christmas where coffee is the nectar of the gods!! xo Pam in Chico, Calfornia


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