Friday, January 7, 2011

A bit of decorating

First, a bit of business--I still have not heard from the winner of the cookbook, samisu57. I'll wait until Sunday, but if I haven't heard from you by then, I'm going to pick another name. So readers, you may still have a chance!
Do you like Shabby Chic decor? I really do. I love the way houses look in Country Living magazine. So when I saw Deb's post about the dishes she got at Homegoods, I swooned. Aren't they gorgeous??!! But usually whenever someone from the west coast posts about a find from Homegoods, the stores here don't have it. Sadly, that's the case with these dishes. Oh well, I'll keep an eye out but I'm not holding my breath. To console myself I bought a few bucks worth of goodies at Michael's. LOL
My Desperate Quilters order arrived the other day!

The bottom three are all Fig Tree, and I plan on using them for the sashing and borders on my Coffee Cup Quilt. I'll prewash those and hopefully get started this weekend. The top fabric is one I just liked, from Carrie Nelson's Fresh Palette. I see placemats or a table topper, or perhaps an apron?
So what's everyone up to this weekend? We've got some work to do around the house. Our front room has been, up until now, a playroom. But since the kids are a bit older now they hardly ever hang out in there. It's pretty much wasted space. So we're setting up a kids' area in the basement...I put down a big rug, bought some shelving, and we're going to make Annabelle's old twin bed a "couch." Will they play down there? Who knows. But at least we'll get that room back!
Our plan is to slipcover a couch and chair, get some nice accent furniture and make it a Sitting Room. No tv, just reading and relaxing. Isn't that what grown-ups are supposed to do? I bought a beautiful chair at Homegoods today (Take THAT, west coast! LOL) which is still in the car, otherwise I'd post a picture for you. Soon though! We're going to add wainscoting and crown molding to the walls...I think it'll be really nice once it's done!
Hey if anyone wants to stop by and help move stuff to the basement, by all means, don't be shy!

♥ Jen


  1. I love redecorating! I can't wait to see pictures. I was at HG yesterday but didn't stop those dishes but then again, I wasn't looking. I wil have to go back. I loves them. Even if I just got one set.

  2. I did love those dishes.. I picked up 2 mugs and two bowls and the tiered stand.. Elizabeth bought more. I would have bought the plates but prefer round.. they were all so cute though. I love HG..

  3. Oh and geez, I got sidetracked with the dishes, love the border pieces you have there. Can't wait to see how you finish it.

  4. just love your blog, and now i have to go back to Home Goods, that is just the greatest store. can't wait to see your chair and decorating. xoxo

  5. OK I learned about a new store--Home Goods!!
    Hey I would help with the moving--if you had found some of those delightful dishes!!!
    but you didn't--sorry!!!!

  6. Love those dishes! I have to go to HG next week. Your fabrics are gorgeous. I went to Michaels today too and found some great buys.
    I would help with the basement but I have to finish mine first :) (that might be next year).
    Have fun decorating the new room!

  7. I flew over to my Homegoods too Jen but we had nothing. The dishes Debbie have now are adorable. I have some sort of like that from Target years ago. Sort of Cath Kidston looking.
    Maybe Debbie will let me eat off them in April when I see her. :-)

  8. Love those dishes.....I'll check here for you even though the chances are not great....we have good luck that way, though. Love the fabrics, too and the itty bitty Shabby Chic things. So cute. We'll help with the basement! :)


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