Sunday, October 17, 2010

October thingies

Yes, October is more than half over...and I typically like to make my coffee quilt blocks at the beginning of each month...but better late than never, right?

I got a little silly this time with the background fabric. But, don't you like a little something unexpected in your quilts? I think it adds movement and interest. So that's what I was going for with this block. Eclectic, wouldn't you say?
The kids and I went apple-picking on their day off on Tuesday. We were running low on apples (hard to believe, I know!). On weekdays, they don't have tractor rides into the orchard so we grabbed a wagon and walked.

It was a cloudy day but the colors made up for it.

There weren't many varieties anymore, but we did get about 12 lbs. of Jonagolds. Oh they're so good. Crisp and sweet, with a bit of tartness, just what you want in an apple!

My little guy has Strep throat. First time for either of them. Starting about Tuesday, his throat was bothering him; not a lot though. His temp that day was 99.4, no biggie. And the rest of the week it was normal. He's not one to complain so the only reason we knew something was wrong was it looked like he was having trouble swallowing at dinner. Dave looked in his throat and his tonsils were really swollen. His glands were too. (This was Friday night.) Yesterday morning (Saturday), he checked again and they were worse. Luckily his doctor has weekend hours so I took him, and he was positive for Strep. It's nice to have a doctor in the house, I never would have suspected! Anyway he's on antibiotics so he'll  be back to school tomorrow.
I'm going to Marshall's in a bit...I hope I can find some treasures! Have a wonderful day!

♥ Jen


  1. I hope the kids start feeling better soon, Jen. Your October coffee block is way cute. I like the background fabric you choose.

  2. Ok--I am waiting to see if you got any treasures at Marshal's???
    I remember the days of Strep throat and a few other illness's!!!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  3. You look like you had a wonderful time together. Your children are blessed with very special parents and I am sure they know that. Your quilt block is perfect.

  4. Love the quilt block! You all looked like you had a great time apple picking!
    The trees there are gorgeous.
    I hope your son feels better.

  5. I really love the pictures of the kids in this! We got Jonagolds here last weekend as well.....I love apple season. Yes, I agree...what did you get at Marshalls?



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