Monday, September 20, 2010

More signs of fall

Hello! I hope you had a great weekend. I'm sitting here munching on a Gala apple, picked by me (or one of us, anyway) on Saturday! Oh it is so good, sweet and crispy. The apples are fantastic this year. The trees are loaded with them! Last year, there weren't many and the ones they had were covered in unsightly (but not harmful) spots. These are picture-perfect!


We picked 46 lbs. in a very short time. What to do with all those apples, you say? Well, Dave used almost half of them to jar 6 quarts of applesauce. Mmmm, it's so appley and fresh-tasting.

I've got plans for others...I have a great apple cake recipe that I want to make, caramel apples, muffins, etc. Don't you love apple season?


I just looked up to see this...

What do they see? Oh! I guess autumn really IS here!

I didn't know deer like bird seed. She's a skinny little thing, isn't she?

The kids and I saw two adults this morning while we were waiting for the bus...maybe this is their little one! I think they're cute, but I do not enjoy them eating my oak leaf hydrangeas. They ate them down to teeny nubs last year. Time to get out the burlap!


I went to Wal-Mart this morning...have you seen the Better Homes & Gardens autumn area there? Oh, such cute stuff. I bought this large jar candle today, I believe it was 4 bucks!

It's GREAT. Buy one, you won't be disappointed!


I've got two rows sewn of my nephew's quilt....woo hoo! Only 16 more to go! LOL Better get to it!

Have a great day!

♥ Jen


  1. Lots of apples and you have made me hungry! The pics are adorable. The little deer was just hungry :) ... so cute!
    Love the quilt too!

  2. I wish I liked whole apples. :(

    I can't bite into them. They hurt my teeth. so I have to peel and cut them and that's too much of a hassle so I just skip 'em. I love applesauce though!

  3. It has been so long since we made applesauce, yours looks delicious. I wanted to let your know that I bought the snowman candle mat pattern after seeing the pictures of yours. I hope I can get to it soon but have several projects to get done first.


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