Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Autumn crafting

I'm working on a new project, in addition to my nephew's quilt. I don't know about you, but I like to have a quilting project going in tandem with a hand-stitching one. That way, when I get tired of cutting/piecing/etc. I can sit down in the family room and do some different work. And two things get done that way!
So I downloaded this pattern from The Pattern Cupboard. Isn't it so cute?!

Photo from The Pattern Cupboard
 I *looooove* working with wool. And what's great about downloading patterns is that it is MUCH cheaper than getting a printed one...you get it instantaneously...and I can print it out myself easily. I had most of the colors of wool already, I just had to get the blue. Now all my pieces are cut and ready for me to stitch!

I'm thinking about giving it as a Christmas gift but we'll see! I might have to keep it for myself!
School has been going well for the kids. This morning they started in the morning running club before school. I love that they like to be active! Speaking of being active, Wii Fit is going great. I do 45 minutes every day and I definitely get a workout. In fact I've lost 2 lbs! My goal is 2 lbs more, and then to tone what's left. LOL Anyway I've also finished working on the kids' school scrapbooks. At the end of every school year I make a two-page spread of that year's highlights. I usually like to do it right when the school year ends but I was a bit late this year. At least it's done now!

I wanted to show you another fall item I got at Christmas Tree Shops last week. You can never have too many autumn decorations, in my opinion. Definitely not my husband's though!

Are you having a good September? We went to a festival at a local nature preserve over the weekend. It was so nice, the setting is beautiful. There were lots of crafts, games, entertainment, and apple cider donuts. Oh yum. I look forward to them every year. We're going apple-picking this weekend at an orchard where they have the BEST donuts. I'll have to up my calorie-burning goal on Wii Fit but it's worth it!
Have a fabulous day!

♥ Jen


  1. I've never worked in wool but those snowmen are adorable and what a good mom you are, scrapbooking the school year highlights. Sigh. I wish I thought of that! But I do have a rememberance box where I put all of Amelia's better drawn pictures and "stories" she has written. I guess I'm not too bad. LOL!

  2. Jen,
    I have worked with wool and I love it too! Your project is adorable.
    Great job with the scapbooking and on losing weight too!
    I love Fall and I don't think you can have too many fall items either :)

  3. Fall is fun isn't it. I just think it is a miracle how the earth takes on new seasons.

  4. Hi Jen--I seem to have gotten behind alittle in blog reading--sorry!!!
    can't believe you are decorated for Fall--I keep thinking about it--but so far the Fall fairies are being a little lazy!!!!
    I love working with the wool too--and have done some patterns from them---I have the sheep one to do yet--one of these days!!!!
    You have a neat pumpkin there too!!!
    I think you might need someone to go with you this week end and help you eat some of those donuts!!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  5. Thanks for sharing about the Pattern Cupboard. I love the pattern you are working with. I also agree that you can't have too many fall decorations. I plan to add a little something to mine this year. I do have the wonderful apples you made and I won in your giveaway. They are on my table and will have pictures on my blog soon.


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